Nobody likes to hear News like this; young man found dead, Tragedy? Another family Grieving?

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Tragic death of Kinahan cartel associate Philip Griffiths, who was caught in a huge drugs bust that led to bloody feud

  13 hrs ago

Tragic death of Kinahan cartel associate Philip Griffiths, who was caught in a huge drugs bust that led to bloody feud

A 40-year-old criminal who was a close associate of many Kinahan cartel members has died in tragic circumstances in a south Dublin apartment. has learned that a younger male relative of Philip Griffiths alerted the emergency services to the tragic death which was discovered at the property on Orwell Road, Rathgar, at around 5.15pm yesterday.

Gardai from Terenure Garda Station rushed to the scene but the death is not being treated as suspicious.

Philip Griffiths who was originally from Rafter’s Road in Drimnagh was a long time close associate and pal of notorious Crumlin criminal Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan (38) who is considered one of the most senior members of the KInahan cartel based in Ireland.

Back in March, 2000, when Griffiths was a drug addict, both men were busted with IR£1.25m (€1.6m) worth of ecstasy tablets and cocaine at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Pearse Street, Dublin.

This was the drugs bust that led to the bitter Crumlin/Drimnagh feud breaking out in 2001 and the loss of 16 lives over the next decade.

This feud saw one side led by jailed killer Brian Rattigan, and the other led by convicted murderer Freddie Thompson. Griffiths sided with Thompson’s faction and was considered an active participant in the violent feud.

But before he became a player on the streets of the south inner city and also in Bray, Co Wicklow, where he had multiple criminal contacts, Griffiths was given a seven year jail sentence at Dublin Circuit Court in January, 2001, for possession of the drugs at the Holiday Inn.

Passing sentence Judge Elisabeth Dunne said: “It makes me sad to see someone of his age come to the court on such a serious matter”.

His associate Graham Whelan was jailed for six years for the same offence after telling gardai he could do 10 years in jail “standing on his head”.

When they were released both men continued to be heavily involved in organised crime.

Griffiths was arrested but never charged in relation to the August, 2005, unsolved gun murder of Vincent O’Brien in Bray.

He regularly featured in organised crime dossiers compiled by gardai and was often stopped and searched by detectives. The last time this happened was in Rathmines when gardai spotted Griffiths, Whelan and another man last September. None of the trio were arrested and were let go after a quick search.

“He hated gardai and was abusive and uncooperative in his dealings with them. But in saying that he never got another serious criminal conviction after being jailed for that drugs seizure,” a senior source said today.

Back in May, 2011, when the Crumlin /Drimnagh feud was nearing its end and the Hutch-Kinahan feud was still over four years away from starting, Griffiths travelled to Birmingham for a top level secret meeting with Freddie Thompson who was living in exile from Ireland at the time.

“He was very trusted by all that crew Freddie and of course is very close pal Graham Whelan,” a source said.

“Daniel Kinahan would have known him well at one stage as well – but with all that is going on now don’t expect Daniel to be home for the funeral,” the source added.

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