Calling Late Late Show, Drew Harris, what a PR Stunt last night, Sponsored by RTE and FF? People are Depressed, they want Leasership? Michael where Art Thou? Parties are forbidden. Lifelong learning through technology and reading is the way to adhere to the guidelines and at the same time preparing for not the old return to “Normal” but for what is a “New Normal” and a better life.

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ARREST MADE At least 70 people caught breaking Covid rules at house party in Longford town

A garda spokesperson said officers arrived at the property after receiving “countless” telephone calls from concerned local residents.

Stock photo

Stock photo

February 13 2021 01:45 PM

Dozens of people are to be prosecuted under the State’s Covid-19 legislation after gardai broke up a house party in Longford town last night where at least 70 revellers were in attendance.

The incident, which occurred at a two-storey residence in the Palace Crescent area of Longford, took place at around 9:30pm.

A garda spokesperson said officers arrived at the property after receiving “countless” telephone calls from concerned local residents.

Upon arrival, officers found several cars, jeeps and other vehicles parked along the footpath.

When gardai approached the front door it’s understood it’s understood they were initially refused entry on more than one occasion.


After a number of minutes, gardai entered the residence where they found at least 70 people in attendance.

It’s also believed a bar, pool table and dart board had been set up in the house.

“This was a pure blatant disregard of Covid-19,” said a garda source.                 

“There was not mask in sight, no social distancing, nothing.”

A man in his mid 30s was arrested with gardai insisting that all individuals present “will be dealt with” under the State’s Covid-19 legislation.

Dr Tony Holohan and Dr Ronan Glynn have not yet received Covid-19 vaccine

Fred. We know LOCKDOWN THREE is a nightmare. People can’t believe what has actually happened to not alone our country but the world; the third strain of this awful virus coming from Manaus, an area lost away in the jungle of the Amazon in Brazil. However, we have the technology, we have the education, we have the sources of reference to learn about what it is we have to do to save lives and we have a duty of care to other people to ensure we do nothing to endanger their lives. This is from a simple hound who is a little lazy and therefore had enough time to think a little and hence this piece.

His canine friend recommends that each and every person first should watch the film Contagion tonight, (TCM Sky Movies at 10 pm – it is also on Netflix) having first Googled Larry Brilliant who has done such extraordinary work against these viruses and contagious diseases and who advised in the making of this film. It is important to realise that the Pandemic COVID-19 has a history over decades and that the UK carried out Exercise Cygnet in 2016 but the powers that be basically too scared of its content they shelved it, away from the masses (but not Google).

The next recommendation: Please Please engage with Dr Mike Ryan originally from Charlestown, Co. Mayo, via Youtube. When you watch this link you will realise how passionate, commited, experience led, able these two people are. Their humanity and their joint appeal for the vaccines to be provided to rich and poor alike is something we are duty bound to ensure happens.

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