Sadly Life in Ireland now is only Worth a miserable 200 euros? Shot (execution style) in a Lockdown, 500 metres from the Garda Station and near his home. Many Questions to be asked about this tragedy which leaves behind a 10 year old child.

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Young son of Ballymun murder victim left without parents as victim may have been shot over less than €200

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Young son of Ballymun murder victim left without parents as victim may have been shot over less than €200

THE young son of the man gunned down in Ballymun on Thursday night has now lost both his parents after it emerged his mother died less than three weeks ago.

Paddy ‘Pappy’ Lyons (44) was shot dead in the Belclare area, close to Poppintree and his family home.

And it has emerged Mr Lyons may have been shot dead over a drugs debt which could be as small as €200, senior sources have revealed.

His son’s mother died suddenly but peacefully in the Mater Hospital on January 24.

A friend of Mr Lyons yesterday told the Irish Independent how they had been watching television together just moments before he left and was murdered.

She said Mr Lyons had been worried about his son because he had been asking about his mother’s recent death and trying to come to terms with it.

“Apparently the little lad was asking him questions, and Pappy was concerned about him. He was trying to help him and then he was killed. It’s awful,” said Tina Whitley.

“We were here watching True Crime on the television in my house, and then Pappy said he was going out. I said ‘be careful’ and then he went.

“The last thing I heard him say was ‘I won’t be a minute’.

“Then I started getting messages that somebody had been shot. There were photographs and videos going around but I couldn’t look at them. I prayed it wasn’t him.

“Pappy got on well with everyone. We’ve been friends for 30 years.

“He was no saint, and I know he had his demons, but he wasn’t that bad.

“He did a bit of shoplifting. He’d steal rashers and steaks and washing powder and things to sell quickly,” she said, adding that he would buy drugs with the money.

“I’ve wondered if it was mistaken identity, because I can’t think why he would be shot. He didn’t say he was worried about anything or in trouble with anyone,” Ms Whitley said.

Mr Lyons was shot once in the head and three times in the chest in an attack that gardaí say was “most likely” ordered by a local drug dealer “to put down a marker”.

The drug dealer has not yet been identified but a senior source said: “The indications are that this was a ruthless individual who was just trying to make a point about what happens to people who owe him money.

This could well be a case of someone looking to cause terror among addicts in his own community.”

Gardaí were not aware Mr Lyons was under any threat, and they had not felt the need to issue him with any security advice. They believe the killer is local and escaped on foot after shooting Mr Lyons.

Sources said the victim’s criminal pedigree could be best summed up by the fact a bench warrant for a very minor shoplifting charge was in existence at the time of his brutal murder.

“This unfortunate individual was a drug addict who was a victim of organised crime rather than a participant in it,” the source said.

Mr Lyons was associated with Kinahan cartel hitman Trevor Byrne who is serving nine years in jail for possession of a firearm but sources said that was only because they knew each other growing up.

He was also on friendly terms with jailed serial burglar Matthew Fahey.

However, he had nothing like the criminal pedigree of his former friends, and his relationship with them is not being investigated as a motive for his callous murder.

Mr Lyons grew up not far from where he was shot, and locals said although he had his troubles they were shocked to learn of his murder. He was often seen playing football on the street with his young son, and neighbours said they were saddened by his death.

“He had his troubles in the past, but he was just a petty thief, there’s no way you would have thought he would end up being shot dead,” said one neighbour.

“Pappy was very well known in the area and we’d see him out playing with his young lad. He didn’t deserve what happened to him,” said another.

Mr Lyons was an only child, and locals said he was from a well-respected family.

“They are good people, and poor Pappy fell in with the wrong crowd. We desperately feel for his parents,” said a local man.

His father is in hospital at the moment and they have enough on their plate without this,” he added.

Mr Lyons’s mother was being comforted by relatives.

Local TD Paul McAuliffe said the shooting was sad for the Lyons family and the people of Ballymun.

“In the past, shootings like this have triggered other attacks, and we hope that will not be the case here,” he said. “We want to try and keep things cooled down and ensure there is a Garda presence on the ground.”

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