Farcical is Right, by the way, dont Forget his Passport and Cheese and Onion Sandwiches?

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Sandwich bag defence in cannabis case 'farcical',
          says  judge
Court was told resealable bags were for sandwiches, not cannabis. Picture: iStock

Sat, 13 Feb, 2021 – 16:43

“Farcical” is how a judge described a defendant’s suggestion that resealable bags found in his home were for sandwiches, not cannabis.

Lukasz Baran was in court after €1,500 of cannabis and drug paraphernalia were found during a search under warrant at apartment 15, Riversdale, Rathcormac, on December 6, 2019.

His solicitor, Don Ryan, said that Mr Baran’s probation report had been good, he had “engaged fully” with the process and his future looked promising.

No money was being made on the cannabis, Mr Baran reportedly told him. Although Mr Baran admitted that he occasionally gave some cannabis to his very good friend who would return the favour, no money was exchanged, Mr Ryan said.

But Judge Marie Keane said that this suggestion was “farcical”.

“He had deal bags in the house and he makes no money?” she asked.

Mr Ryan said that his client told him that they were actually sandwich bags which gardaí had found in the kitchen.

“If you think for a minute that I believe your story about sandwich bags you must think I came down in the last shower.”

“I want action here,” Judge Keane said.

He seems to have rather fanciful ideas on how items are used in this country.” 

Defending his client, who did appear in court, Mr Ryan said: “The probation service said that he is of low risk into the future, this is very promising.  He’s willing to engage with the probation officer.” 

Judge Keane remanded Baran on bail for three months until May 21 and ordered him to engage with the probation service and addictions services.

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