Just like the D4 Gobshites, these Guys love the Lifestyle and their Designers; so often paid for by the Proceeds of Crime? Time to talk Bitcoin and the Criminal Underworld in Ireland.

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Designer gear CAB to sell off Louboutin runners, Gucci shoes, Chanel broaches and Moschino scarves seized from barber

Dylan Nolan Quinn signed the section 4 order which allows CAB to dispose of the loot, meaning he put up no defence to the Proceeds of Crime case.

Dylan Nolan Quinn

Dylan Nolan Quinn

February 14 2021 12:00 AM

It was a search that netted gardai a treasure trove of designer goods which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the wardrobe of an A-list celebrity.

Giant logos embossed on shoes, handbags, scarves and jewellery greeted the by now well-trained eyes of officers from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) when they carried out a search in a Clondalkin property as part of a money laundering probe.

The property, an ordinary terraced home, is the home of Gareth Quinn, his partner Jane Nolan and their son, barber Dylan Nolan Quinn. All three would later be listed as respondents in a case centred on 75 items which were escribed as the Proceeds of Crime.

Among them was an account containing €70,000, a number of high-end cars and the contents of the wardrobes.

Last month, when the case was settled, just Dylan Nolan Quinn signed the section 4 order which allows CAB to dispose of the loot, meaning he put up no defence to the Proceeds of Crime case.

Gareth Quinn and Jane Nolan face no further action.

Affidavits before the court detail Gareth Quinn having convictions under the misuse of drugs act and being a first cousin of James Quinn, the hitman caged for the murder of Gary Hutch in Spain.

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His son, Dylan Nolan Quinn, is described as a barber and company records show he is listed as the business owner of two male hairdressers — Cuts n Bruises in Lucan and the Rocket Barber shop in Clondalkin.

But what is probably the most jaw-dropping aspect of an otherwise regular CAB case is the assets that Dylan Nolan Quinn has accepted ownership of — items the Bureau says were purchased through criminality.

In his early twenties, Nolan Quinn has been the envy of many, with his hipster businesses, holidays to Ibiza, VIP tickets to concerts and, of course, he was always turned out in the best threads that money could buy.

Among the haul bagged by the Bureau were Louboutin, Balenciaga and Valentino runners, Dior and Gucci shoes, Chanel brooches, Moschino scarves and bejewelled sunglasses and handbags.

A receiver with the power of sale has been appointed over the bounty since he consented to the revenue and proceeds of crime orders on them.

Dylan Nolan Quinn

Dylan Nolan Quinn

CAB had already frozen €72,000 in cash they found in a bank account and a number of cars, including an Audi, but it’s the smaller items listed in the court proceedings that give a true picture of a lifestyle akin to the rich and famous.

While the Sunday World understands that CAB agreed to return a collection of worn shoes and runners to the barber, they will now sell off thousands of euro worth of designer clobber affordable to only the country’s top earners.

Among them are a collection of Louis Vuitton scarves, shawls, leather runners, and handbags.

The classic designer shawl featuring the LV insignia costs a staggering €500 a piece, while a pair of sneakers go for €650, making them some of the most expensive runners in the world.

Exactly what use fitness fanatic Quinn Nolan had for handbags is anyone’s guess, but his collection includes a Louis Vuitton €790 clutch, €750 Azur and a €2,000 Pallas Chain.

Gucci, too, featured heavily in his wardrobe, including belts, flat shoes and a memo pink handbag valued at €850. One of the more bling items discovered were Gucci crystal sneakers, which come in at just under €1,000, and a Marmont Mini black handbag which retails at more than €1,500.

Chanel flat lambskin espadrilles, a CC pearl bracelet, Valentino lilac block heel shoes, Dolce and Gabbana pink aviators and Prada sunglasses will also be sold and the proceeds will go straight into the State coffers.

The Criminal Assets Bureau have placed on hold their searches during the current lockdown but hearings went ahead virtually last month in front of Justice Alexander Owens.

It was during those proceedings that it was heard that Dylan Nolan Quinn had signed a consent order for the goods to be sold.


Justice Owens has pushed ahead with the CAB cases despite the Level 5 lockdown and while raids on targets have been suspended in line with procedures, sources say officers are busy with the massive piles of paperwork that go hand in hand with completing each case.

Searches are just one part of the overall work of the Bureau where mounds of affidavits and case work has to be drawn up to move the proceeds of crime matters through the courts towards legal orders.

The Bureau has more than 1,300 targets on its books, more than 30 cases in court at various stages and is in control of more than 45 seized properties.

Its portfolio of houses is likely to come on the market later this year as the country emerges from lockdown.


  • Louis Vuitton scarf: €500
  • Louis Vuitt on handbag: €790
  • Louis Vuitton sneakers: €650
  • Louis Vuitton Azur bag: €750
  • Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain bag: €2,000
  • Gucci pink handbag: €850
  • Gucci crystal sneakers: €1,000
  • Marmont mini black handbag: €1,500+
  • Chanel flat lambskin espadrilles
  • CC pearl bracelet
  • Valentino lilac block heel shoes
  • Dolce and Gabbana pink aviators

Fred and Bling. Well it looks like this Bling is all Designer labels and sourced through criminal activities and worn without conscience, knowing that somewhere there is the Cartel and blood, illegal drugs, providing the money. This takes me to Bitcoin. Elon Musk has invested $1.5 yes Billion in this cryptocurrency in the last week and you will be able to buy the Tesla cars using Bitcoin. Bitcoin started in 2008 and in the last year alone has reached its high of $48,000 per unit and in Covid-19 lockdown year of such disaster and mayhem has made profits of 350% for those who are willing to gamble and these are so often criminals because there is no legal oversight. I note the CAB is selling of this man’s loot but I note recently that CAB are looking for passwords for a man who lost same and the value estimated of his stash is $50 million; if the CAB are holding this Bitcoin which they are because they have no passwords, it makes it urgent to find a way to cash in on this holding. Bitcoin is the asset class that criminals gamble in and the CAB have no access too. Like dealing commodities, dealing Bitcoin must recognised as part of the Cartels and our criminal underworld.

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