People should feel Safe wherever they are – especially in Nursing Homes, and Psychiatric Hospitals. Sadly Abuse is still Happening behind “perceived High Walls”, and Locked Doors. Has anyone heard of Beaumont Lodge, Bartra Health Care?

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Dear Minister McEntee,

I’m calling on you to be the Justice Minister who finally makes Ireland safe for everyone. We can’t wait any longer. We are calling on you, as Minister for Justice, to set up an effective independent inspection body for all institutional and residential settings.

A country where everyone is safe

a country where people are taken care of, no matter where they are.

302 / 500 signatures

We all want to live in a country where everyone is safe, no matter who they are or where they are. 

We rarely know what’s going on behind locked doors – in our nursing homes, our psychiatric facilities, or Direct Provision centres. These are places which people must call home. But if there are not enough staff to look after people properly, they may end up hungry, thirsty or in pain. If someone is treated unfairly or badly, there may not be anyone to turn to.

This has to change. We all want to live in a country where everyone is safe.

For years, the government has said it wants to make this happen, but they haven’t taken the crucial step of creating an independent inspection mechanism that meets international human rights standards. They haven’t felt the pressure yet. They need to know that we care about this and that we’ll hold them to account. 

The solution is simple. Just like our schools, our roads and our food are inspected, we need to inspect all the places where people are supposed to be looked after.

If we had a proper independent inspection body, that body would be able to make surprise visits to places of detention and speak to everyone there. And if they made recommendations for changing to the government, the government would be required to engage with the inspectors and consider the recommendations. 

Will you call on government to set up an effective independent inspection body? Will you ask them, 13 years after they said they would, to implement UN standards on torture and ill-treatment?

Please sign and share the petition to the Minister for Justice now.  Source ICCL – Irish Council for Civil Liberties

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