The Woulfe Sits on the Court of Appeal, Wig on Head. Golfgate all a Distant Memory but a learning curve experience, we all hope.

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Woulfe sits on Court of Appeal for first time – with judge he said ‘upset’ him

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Woulfe sits on Court of Appeal for first time – with judge he said ‘upset’ him

Mr Justice Séamus Woulfe has sat as a judge in a Court of Appeal case for the first time with Mr Justice George Birmingham – one of the judges accused of subjecting him to an “upsetting and traumatic” ordeal following the Golfgate controversy last year.

Mr Justice Woulfe was yesterday sitting for the first time in the three-judge court alongside Mr Justice Birmingham and Ms Justice Isobel Kennedy.

It was his first public hearing since Chief Justice Frank Clarke told him in November that, as a result of his attending a golf event, Mr Justice Clarke felt had breached public guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and he would not be listed to sit until February 2021.

The three judges were not present in court for the day’s hearings but attended via remote video links, as has been the normal procedure since measures were taken last year to reduce the spread of the disease.

In letters published by Mr Justice Clarke in November, a meeting on October 2 between Mr Justice Woulfe, Mr Justice Birmingham and two other senior judges was discussed at length. It emerged from those letters Mr Justice Woulfe raised a question as to whether his colleagues may have pre-judged him before he had an opportunity to explain himself.

The content and tone of what was laid out for me by my three colleagues with whom I met on Friday, and indeed their collective demeanour, was unexpected, upsetting and traumatic, and has added very significantly to an already stressful situation,” he said.

Mr Justice Woulfe complained that by the time of the meeting, he’d developed a serious medical condition brought on by the stress of the fallout from the Golfgate controversy. He said he required medical assistance after the meeting and was unable to attend a further meeting with Mr Justice Clarke that had been scheduled for the following day.

In response Mr Justice Clarke said he noted the “implicit” criticism of his colleagues in the suggestion that they had pre-judged him. He added: “I have to suggest to you that your accounts and arguments and contentions have all been ventilated at very great length.”

He said the meeting had enabled Mr Justice Woulfe to hear the views of his colleagues.

“The real burden of your complaint appears to be that your colleagues have been unwilling to share the benign view you take of all the matters involved here,” he added.

Outlining the views of his colleagues in the Supreme Court, Mr Justice Clarke said all members of the court felt the “cumulative effect of all of these matters has been to cause a very significant and irreparable damage both to the court and to the relationship within the court, which is essential to the proper functioning of a collegiate court”.

In a subsequent letter Mr Justice Woulfe said he was “sorry if any of my colleagues took offence” at the suggestion they had pre-judged him or that he found his meeting with them to be upsetting and traumatic.

He added: “The fact of the matter is, however, that I did find the content and tone of the meeting both upsetting and traumatic. I think I was entitled to communicate that to you, and I do not consider that in doing so, it has given rise to any reason as to why I should resign. What I said to you was true.”

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