This Should not Happen in any Prison, no human being deserves to be Treated like a Dog, with a Collar around the Prisoners neck. Many Sources inform me, Gangland run Irish Prisons, and the Staff work in Fear. This Proves it sadly?

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Probe into video of prison inmate with leash on his neck ‘being treated like dog’

  6 hrs ago

The Prison Service has launched an investigation after footage emerged of an inmate with a belt around his neck “being treated like a dog” in front of other prisoners.

The footage shows the inmate with the belt placed around him to imitate a dog lead before being commanded to ‘sit’ and ‘play dead’.

The other prisoner in the video calling out the demands is understood to be Kinahan cartel associate Graham Gardiner. The Cabra man, who has his face partially covered in the clip, is currently serving a nine-year prison term for firearms offences.

During the 33-second video, recorded in Mountjoy Prison, he says: “Here, this is my dog (name) yeah. Give me the paw. Speak. Play dead.”

He also picks up a remote control and throws it on the bed, telling the inmate to “fetch” and he responds to the instructions.

During the video other inmates can be heard laughing in the background.

The Irish Prison Service (IPS) has confirmed that it is aware of the video and is carrying out inquiries in relation to it.

Gardaí have also been notified, an IPS spokeswoman said.

“The Irish Prison Service does not comment on individual prisoner cases. The Prison Service can confirm an investigation into an incident involving two prisoners in Mountjoy Prison is ongoing. An Garda Síochána have been notified,” the spokeswoman added.

It is understood the video was recorded within the last six months in a cell within the prison.

The cell of Gardiner was searched over the weekend in relation to a separate video which circulated online.

However, nothing of evidential value was discovered when prison officials carried out the raid.

In that clip, Gardiner is seen dancing with another inmate while a third man encourages them to dance.

One source said: “Gardiner is connected to serious criminals and the inmate being treated like a dog is only a low-level offender.

He wasn’t exactly asked to put the belt around his neck and act like a dog for everyone else’s amusement.

“The fact that other prisoners were present laughing and goading him as it went on made matters worse.”

In May last year, Gardiner was imprisoned for nine years for possession of a deadly cache of firearms. He was caught holding two machine guns, three revolvers, two silencers and 107 rounds of various ammunition in the boot of a car.

Detective Garda Ronan Doolan told the court that Gardiner was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying the mass card of an individual previously shot dead when gardaí approached him in November 2016.

Gardiner was speaking to the occupants of a Ford Focus van that had been under surveillance.

Nothing was found in this vehicle, although a hidden compartment was discovered. The weapons haul was later found in a car linked to a key Gardiner had on him.

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