When the Restrictions end, let the Gangster Banker begin his Public Duties, let him start by Cleaning the Windows in Dail Eireann.

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Former Anglo boss David Drumm prevented from doing community service due to Covid-19 restrictions

  18 hrs ago

Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm cannot do the unpaid community service work promised as part of his early release deal while the Level 5 Covid restrictions are in place, it has emerged.

The 54-year-old walked free from Loughan House open prison in County Cavan on Monday after serving three years of a six-year sentence for conspiracy to defraud, having been found guilty of making it appear that Anglo’s deposits were €7.2bn larger than they were in reality at the peak of the banking crisis in 2008.

His release was on condition that he provide work under the community return scheme having been assessed by the Irish Prison Service and having met the relevant criteria to qualify for it.

Standard remission in the prison system means that Drumm was entitled to get a quarter of his six-year sentence reduced. That would have amounted to 18 months if he had not qualified for the scheme.

But because of the Covid pandemic, Drumm is currently unable to fulfil the unpaid community work part of the deal while the current Level 5 restrictions are in place.

“While arrangements are in place between the Irish Prison Service and the Probation Service to continue delivering the community return scheme during the Covid pandemic, under Level 5 restrictions, the unpaid work element of the scheme is not currently operational, as these workplaces are closed,” a spokesman for the Department of Justice said.

Community Return is currently managed via telephone contact, whereby offenders subject to CR (community return) are contacted on the designated work days, confirming their availability and ongoing commitment to participate in the scheme.

“The obligation on the offender therefore remains. Failure to adhere to the requirements of the contact is deemed as non-compliance and as such is managed accordingly between the Probation Service and the Irish Prison Service.”

The spokesman would not comment on individual cases, but said that once a prisoner is deemed suitable to participate, the terms of the scheme can vary.

Generally, prisoners are assigned a number of days unpaid work each week on a community service site, for a specified number of weeks.

Their participation in the scheme is reviewed on a weekly basis. Should a prisoner fully and successfully participate with the scheme for the agreed period of time, they will be granted weekly reviewable temporary release until their official release date,” he said.

Assessment criteria to qualify for the scheme includes a consideration of the risk posed by the prisoner, their medical suitability, and the availability of appropriate accommodation. They must also be serving more than one year and fewer than eight years, and must have served at least 50pc of their sentence.

The programme involves participants doing supervised work in the community instead of remaining in prison.

David Drumm has been keeping a low profile in his native Skerries in north County Dublin since his release, and has not been seen outside the family home in a modern estate overlooking the sea.

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