This Photo is all over Social Media. I am not Accusing Alan Kelly of any wrong doing here but People out there appear to be. Why? Anger is rising among the people, yet the Dail Gravy Trough continues. More remuneration benefits to politicians bestowed today: At least Mary Lou says enough and hands back a percentage.

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May be an image of
          1 person and text that says 'our nd Labo Irelan orm, faimess
          One Ire jobis දfae Between March 2016-2019 Alah Kelly falsely
          fobbed into the Dáil 49 times to claim €80,444 in expenses!'

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Martina Daniels Look at smug look on him 😡

1 Barry Mc Carthy And what’s going to happen in the next election. Every fuckin clown is going to vote them back in, just like the last time

8 Eddie Brown Once these rats get in it’s near impossible to drag them away from the gravy trough. Ray Matthews “welfare fraud cheats us all” 😁

1 Joe Maher They will all answer to god. And then rot in hell for their greed.

1 Bernie Doherty And what will happen to him 😂😂 NOTHING· 

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