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Police probe FBI investigate American man suspected of hiding in Ireland after ‘faking death’

Police and former associates, including his foster parents, are convinced 32-year-old Nicholas Alahverdian is alive.

Nicholas Alahverdian visited Ireland.

Nicholas Alahverdian visited Ireland.

February 22 2021 06:30 AM

An American pervert is suspected of hiding out in Ireland after faking his death while being investigated by both state police and the FBI.

Police and former associates, including his foster parents, are convinced 32-year-old Nicholas Alahverdian is alive.

Rhode Island state police have an active warrant on the grounds that he failed to register as a sex offender arising from his 2008 conviction for groping a woman and exposing himself at college campus.

US investigators believe he has been living in Dublin, while Alahverdian’s former lawyer also said that he was in Ireland in December 2019, shortly before his reported death on February 29 last year.

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His death – announced on his own website and in emails to various news outlets in Rhode Island – came shortly after he learned the FBI was investigating allegations of a $200,000 credit card scam.

This week the Sunday World established that no death certificates have been issued in this country for anyone of that name.

His former foster mother in Ohio, Sharon Lane, told investigative journalist Tom Mooney that Alahverdian had got 22 credit cards and loans under her husband’s name and ran up debts totalling almost $200,000.

A lawyer who had represented him, Jeffrey Pine, confirmed that Alahverdian knew the FBI was looking at the allegations of credit card fraud against him.

The former Rhode Island attorney general said “of course” he believes it’s possible that Alahverdian is still alive.

An FBI agent had called Alahverdian to discuss the fraud complaint and Alahverdian gave Pine the FBI investigator’s name “and I contacted him, just to confirm it,” he said.

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“The next thing I know he gets very, very sick with cancer and dies within weeks. Do I think it’s possible he’s alive? Of course I do.”

Alahverdian had previously said he was living outside the US because his child care advocacy from years ago had provoked threats.

A critic of Rhode Island’s child welfare programme, he had pushed lawmakers to support reforms to the system in which he claimed to have been abused.

In February last year it was announced he had died of cancer in email from the “Alahverdian Family Office.”

It came just two months after Alahverdian told reporters at various media outlets that he had late-stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma and had weeks to live.

Rhode Island State Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Barry says a detective spoke to people who knew Alahverdian as reports circulated that Alahverdian was still alive.

Barry says the state police still had a warrant for him for allegedly failing to register in Rhode Island as a sex offender.

“Any time there is an allegation that someone is still alive, and we have an active warrant of someone being a sex offender violator, we are going to take that seriously,” Barry told the Providence Journal.

“Without definitive evidence that he was deceased we had to run that down.”

Alahverdian’s widow, who asked not to be named, said her husband had been cremated and his remains scattered at sea, but declined emailed requests that she release a copy of his death certificate.

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