Willie, Groucho, makes it Clear, the Country is full of Oddballs, not FF, no way Martin is an Oddball, ask Barry Cowen and others?

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Limerick’s mayoral election will attract oddballs and ‘Farage types’, says Willie O’Dea, What Willie Aka Groucho Marx failed to say was FF have many Oddballs in the Party, and are joined at the Hip with Far Right Fine Gael. Keep talking the Bull Willie??

Former Defence Minister Willie O'Dea. Photo:
                  Gareth Chaney Collins

Former Defence Minister Willie O’Dea. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins


February 24 2021 02:30 AM

Ireland’s first directly elected mayoral poll, due to take place in Limerick later this year, will be a “sitting duck” for oddballs and sinister candidates, the city’s senior politician has warned.

“This election will put Limerick ahead of the rest of the country in having the first directly elected mayor,” Willie O’Dea, a former minister for defence, said.

“I have no doubt all the main parties will have the winning of this as a major priority, seeing it as a kind of mid-term sounding from the electorate in Limerick city and county.

“It will be a standalone election as the next local election and general election are not due… so there will be national focus on Limerick.

As well as the main party candidates, you would expect the usual number of non-party candidates.

“I fear because of the unique profile the Limerick mayoral election will command, you will have all kinds of bandwagons rolling into Limerick, with an assortment of oddballs… in a way this election will be a sitting duck.

“This is democracy, and I have no problem with all these character candidates who will add colour to the election.

But the ones I fear are the more sinister and serious Nigel Farage types, who are now trying to develop a Hardhard-right plank on the Irish political spectrum.

“It’s a democratic election and that’s the way it should be, but I think the electorate should be made aware of the agendas of these far-right elements. Some of them make Trump sound mild.”

Legislation is being finalised to enable the election to proceed before the end of the year.

The mayor’s remuneration package is proposed to be an annual salary of €129,854, driver’s allowance of €34,500 and two advisers each on €66,741.

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