Who says Crime does not Pay? Untrue. How could a person involved in crime have a 2.5 million euros Tax bill? This is a real indictment on the Justice and Policing System and shows how lucrative crime has become in recent time for these criminals.

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Pay no more’ Widow of murdered ‘Fat’ Andy Connors says she will not pay full €2.5m tax bill in scathing online rant

Ann Connors has claimed that her own accountant has estimated her bill and says she will ‘pay no more’.

Ann Connors, wife of "Fat "Andy

Ann Connors, wife of “Fat “Andy Connors.

February 24 2021 12:03 PM

Widow Ann Connors has laid down the gauntlet to the Criminal Assets Bureau and claimed she will “pay no more” than €300,000 of a €2.5 million revenue bill.

The wife of murdered ‘Fat’ Andy Connors has claimed that her own accountant has estimated her bill and says she will “pay no more”.

In a Facebook rant, Connors who has a vast property portfolio and has turned her own home into an unofficial halting site in recent months claims she has signed a book deal with a US publishing firm and is writing a book about her life.

“I’ve been going since I’m 14 years of age. I travelled as far as China with my husband for a living….I’m writing (sic) a book about my life story…The American’s is after accepting to publish my life story and the name of my book will be ‘he died in my arms.’…

Andy Connors’ wife trying to flog family mansion with swimming pool that is ‘Fat’ for a king

Widow of murdered ‘Fat’ Andy Connors opens unofficial halting site and rents out ‘chalets’ for €1,500 a month

Widow of ‘Fat’ Andy Connors is one of three targeted in multi-agency raid

“The world know what they’ve done and are trying to do to my family….They pulled a 2.5 million euros bill out of the sky. My accountant reckons I owe euro 150,000 to euro 300,000 and that’s the bill that will be paid. I will pay no more… My husband was areal businessman a proper one, they killed him.”

In a special Sunday World investigation we have detailed the extraordinary birds-eye view of lands around the home of Connors at The Ranch in Saggart.

An aerial view of The Ranch, home of Ann

An aerial view of The Ranch, home of Ann Connors

CAB have judgement mortgages on nine of Connors properties including the site and large bungalow where the widow has expanded her compound outwards creating a massive expansive site where ‘chalets’ are on offer for euro 1500 euro per month and yards are for rent.

The developments have involved the concreting of a large neighbouring site of land which documents show is owned by Boherboy, a Mansfield family company.


Neighbours in the Saggart area which include the expensive Coldwater Lakes estates, have been making a string of complaints to South Dublin County Council in relation to dumping, planning, sewerage and animal welfare issues in surrounding fields.

On the border with Coldwater, where houses can fetch up to €1 million, mounds of rubbish and human faeces are strewn.

One source said: “This is a total disgrace. It is another Dunsink waiting to happen and it seems as if the authorities are standing back and letting it.”

‘Fat’ Andy led a burglary gang that terrorised the country for years robbing elderly people of their savings and using violence against them.

He was murdered at The Ranch in 2014 when a masked gunman burst in and shot him dead in front of his wife and children.

CAB have twice targeted Connors and he previously paid a €150,000 tax bill to them. After his death the Bureau got judgement mortgages on properties in his wife Ann’s name.

They include a five-bedroom mansion with an indoor swimming pool known as The Villa and currently up for sale with a price tag of over €700,000.

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