Hutch walked Free from Prison this morning, Tensions will run High in the City now?

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Tensions high Garda alert in place as Kinahan cartel target Ross Hutch is released from prison

Ross Hutch walked free from Wheatfield Prison this

Ross Hutch walked free from Wheatfield Prison this morning

February 24 2021 04:20 PM

A garda alert is in place after a criminal who was a key target for the Kinahan cartel was released from jail this morning.

Ross Hutch (29) walked free from Wheatfield Prison at 7.30am today and sources say that gardai are concerned that his release will lead to an increase in tensions in the north inner city.

It is understood that he was driven from the west Dublin jail after serving a two-and-a-half year sentence for robbing €200 from a north Dublin pharmacy on April 12, 2019.

The deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud has claimed 18 lives since it started in 2015 but there has not been a murder since Jason ‘Buda’ Molyneux was shot dead in January, 2019.

“Gardai are monitoring the situation with the release of this individual but the threat levels against him may not be as severe as they were a number of years ago,” a source said.

“There is even a mindset that say the biggest threat to Ross Hutch is his own reckless and idiotic behaviour,” the source added.

Ross Hutch is a first cousin of Gary Hutch, whose murder in Spain in September 2015 sparked the deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud.

Four of Ross Hutch’s relatives have been murdered as part of the feud, including his father, Eddie Hutch Snr (59).

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Eddie Snr was gunned down on Poplar Row in February 2016, just days after David Byrne was shot dead in the Regency Hotel bloodbath. This killing remains unsolved despite a number of arrests and gardai following a definite line of enquiry.

Ross Hutch appeared on Winning streak

Ross Hutch appeared on Winning streak

Another cousin, Gareth Hutch (36) was shot dead outside the Avondale House flat complex in the north inner city in May 2016. Three people are serving life sentences for this murder and a fourth man is due to be extradited back to Ireland from Turkey in relation to it.

Ross Hutch has been previously warned that his life is under threat and has been the victim of a number of assaults including being severely beaten up four times in the space of 10 months in 2017.

Hutch who battled a severe cocaine addiction before being locked up has 73 previous convictions, including convictions for possession of firearms, endangerment and theft.

His most recent stretch in prison relates to his conviction from Boles Pharmacy in Drumcondra.

Dublin Circuit Court heard in November, 2019, that Hutch was armed with a bicycle saddle when he carried out the raid which left a 70-year-old pharmacy employee “shaken up” after the incident.

Hutch fled the scene on a bicycle but was quickly arrested by gardai who were bale to link him to the crime through DNA.

Ross made national headlines just before the murderous feud began when he won €33,000 in cash and prizes on RTE’s Winning Streak in 2015 for his brother, Edward Hutch Jnr.

In June, 2016, gardai foiled an attempted hit on Ross when they intercepted a Kinahan cartel associate who it is suspected was on his way to murder him while he watched a European Championship football match.

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