We should look after our own Homeless people first, before offering houses to others just flying into this country. Reality is the Key here, and Fairplay. Help people, Yes, but Ireland seems to Forget their own, Why?

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Homelessness crisis is out of control for single adults and couples -Dublin Simon Community

  10 hrs ago

A dire lack of accommodation, especially in Dublin, is causing the homelessness crisis for single adults and couples to spiral out of control, according to the Dublin Simon Community.

The latest figures released by Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage today for January 2021 reveal a 7pc increase in the number homeless single adults compared to the same period last year.

There were a total of 5,987 single adults living in emergency accommodation between January 25 and 31, with 66pc of them male and 34pc female.

The largest age cohort was 2,397 adults between the age of 25 and 44 followed by 1,225 middle aged people between the ages of 45 and 64.

Dublin led the country with a total of 4,175 homeless adults, with 2,724 males and 1,451 females.

Currently, five single people a day are becoming homeless and the lack of accommodation in the housing market, especially in Dublin, means they are being restricted from moving on from homelessness, according to Dublin Simon Community CEO Sam McGuinness.

Single people and couples are not able to compete in the current housing market. Until there is a significant improvement in the availability of one-bed units for these groups to move into, we will continue to see the cycle of spiralling growth in the numbers of singles and couples stuck in emergency accommodation, he said.

“Finding yourself homeless is a traumatic experience. Couple that with the challenges of sleeping on the street or spending long periods in emergency accommodation during a pandemic and we have a further health crisis on our hands caused by the impact on the mental and physical health of this group. Their lives effectively pause to focus on survival. This is a crisis that is stealing years from the lives of a generation, wasted time and wasted potential”, he added.

However the figures did provide a glimmer of hope for the number of homeless families in Dublin is continuing to decline.

There were a total of 966 families living in emergency accommodation last month, with 742 in Dublin.

Meanwhile, the Dublin Simon Community is building more than 50 one-bedroom accommodation units in a range of construction projects in the Dublin area but the search continues for other suitable accommodation for single people and couples.

“Urgent measures are needed and creative thinking is required to exceed the number of single people moving into homelessness with the number of opportunities for people to move on to a secure home of their own”, Mr McGuinness added.

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