Some Crazy Views out there in relation to COVID-19, and let us not Forget that there are 100 Doctors who support these Clowns/COVIDIOTS.

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Definitely the best slogan from today's Covidiot protest : ireland

Just because the Government made a mess of things doesn’t mean you get to ignore public health guidelines

I’ve been noticing a lot of contradictory logic in this sub for the past couple of weeks that I can’t get my head around. The logic being that the government’s “meaningful Christmas” left us in the state we are in now, and that we should protest the new lockdown by doing the very thing we criticised the government for allowing over Christmas? How does this make any sense?

I’m not talking about going to a beach by yourself that’s actually 8km away from your home rather than 5, I’m talking about meeting up with friends and family when cases are still as high as they are. It’s the reason why 5km restrictions are staying until at least April, because community transmission is still too high. The more we break restrictions, the longer restaurants, pubs, cinemas, and sports venues stay closed.

The vaccine rollout is going well, with around 80% of adults to receive it.

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