People have a Right to Peaceful Protests, but RTE already are Scaremongering and not for the first time, and to Whose Agenda? Nobody wants Violence on our Streets, but Some Gardai, like certain TD’s will play this for Politicial Points?

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Gardaí fear anti-lockdown protests were dry run for St Patrick’s Day chaos

Man who shot fireworks at officers during Saturday’s unrest in Dublin city centre is identified

Protesters and gardaí clash during an
                  anti-lockdown protest in Dublin city centre on
                  Saturday. Photo: PA

Protesters and gardaí clash during an anti-lockdown protest in Dublin city centre on Saturday. Photo: PA

March 01 2021 02:30 AM

The group behind the weekend’s violent anti-lockdown protests are planning another event on St Patrick’s Day.

A senior source said gardaí were concerned Saturday’s event, protesting against Covid-19 prevention measures, was just the first, ahead of a March 17 protest and another planned for March 20.

There were ugly scenes from Saturday’s gathering, with video footage showing a man shooting fireworks at the gardaí.

yprian Alford This is his Opinion, on Why people are Angry, Below is his Comment, this Blog Condemns any sort of Violence, but people have a Right to Express how they feel, a year of Covid 19?

Marie: The Irish From Another Perspective💞 1000s of Irish men women & children took to the streets yesterday, despite government plants aiding violence,🤨 it was a massive success😍, amongst them were people who lost their businesses, children who lost their social lives & friends, worried parents, families of suicide victims, young mental health advocates who can’t bear to lose another friend😭, patriots who feed and clothe the homeless every single week,💚 Patriots who rescue suicidal victims from jumping off bridges were also amongst the crowd🥰, Parents of Vaccine damaged children, Parents of Special Needs Children who cant cope with the massive routine change,😮 Truth Speakers.. Doctors, Citizens Journalists with the one goal in their minds,😇 all United as one big team to fight for the future of this country, The News Is All Controlled Propoganda,🤯 As I Stated in previous posts real true honest journalism wouldn’t scare a whole nation day in day out, knowing the negative effects this will have on the human psychologically, we need them off our screens🤜March 17th should send a loud clear message to the Tyrants, Ireland Belongs To The Irish have a Blessed Sunday💚💚

May be an image
        of 2 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says
        'Londis Grafton GraftonSt. St. TOLET LET Rocket man'

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