The Gardai look like Complete Morons here, a young woman drove at high Speed from Ballymun to Bray; Chased by 20 Squad Cars, and 8 Armed Response Unit Jeeps, plus the Garda Helicopter? With the Right Training this Lady could be a very big Talent in the Garda Flying Squad?

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Woman (20s) arrested after multiple Garda cars pursue vehicle from Ballymun to Bray and back

At least 18 Garda cars and the force’s helicopter were involved in this evening’s chase.

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Image: Shutterstock/Semmick Photo

A WOMAN IN her 20s has been arrested this evening after a car chase that brought gardaí from Ballymun in north Dublin along the M50 to Bray in Co Wicklow and then back to Ballymun.

Around 10 squad cars and eight Armed Support Unit vehicles were involved in the pursuit at various points this evening. 

The Garda helicopter was also dispatched to provide support as the chase continued – with the aircraft providing information to vehicles below on latest movements.

It’s understood that the woman live-streamed some of the chase on social media, including sections on the M50.

The pursuit began shortly before 6pm this evening on Balbutcher Lane in Ballymun. A statement from the Garda Press Office said officers took action after the woman failed to stop her car for gardaí.

The press statement confirmed she was arrested for dangerous driving at Hampton Wood Drive in Ballymun shortly before 7pm. #Open journalism No news is bad news

In the intervening hour the chase brought gardaí along the M50 to a location in Bray before the vehicle turned back to Dublin, again via the motorway. 

“The woman is currently detained at Ballymun Garda station,” a Garda spokesperson said. 

“No injuries have been reported.”

Fred says: Today’s Thelma and Louise (but without the Louise). Emotions are fraught, people are weary of lockdowns. Too much of our reporting in the media is about fixation on a topic eg the most recent the Conspiracy Theorists and pitting them against the scientists. There needs to be a little balance, acceptance, humility and toleration at present. Pent up emotions can be very dangerous indeed. What people focus on in their minds has a nasty habit of expanding and making them do things they would never do in normal situations and COVID-19 is, we must allow ourselves to realise, a 100 year event of harrowing significance, that in the UK they are now preparing for the impact to people and their mental health. They have already coined it as Post Pandemic Stress Disorder. In Ireland we need to be following their lead.

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