Tragic News from Galway; we are not getting the True Facts of the number of Suicides across the country – young people are Suffering in Silence, many are deep in Depression, some sadly are Dead? This is a View from a Galway Student?

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Suicides in Galway have increased over the duration of the Lockdowns as reported and confirmed by local sources who claim that 9 bodies were removed from the Corrib last week alone. The government are blatantly ignoring the mental health impacts of the lockdowns which are having brutal effects on people of all ages. Giving people constant uncertainties about their freedom and abilities to carry out normal activities are making people hopeless. It’s time to end the lockdowns and allow people go back to normal lives otherwise the government should be held directly accountable for the actions they made to control a seasonal virus with a 100% recovery rate amongst the majority of the population. Born to be free ☘🇮🇪

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