The Scandal of Irish Nursing Homes during the Deadly Covid 19 Pandemic?

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Dozens of families take legal action against multiple nursing homes in ‘wrongful death’ claims

 5 hrs ago

Up to 40 families are to take legal actions against numerous nursing homes across Ireland for “negligence” and “breach of statutory duty” they say led to the deaths of residents.

Solicitor firm PA Duffy confirmed to that it has been instructed in cases against public and private nursing homes.

Up to 15 nursing homes, both public and private, will see legal actions taken against them.

PA Duffy has also said it believes a commission of investigation will be needed to investigate the “failures” within nursing homes.

More than half of all deaths from Covid-19 in Ireland occurred in nursing homes.

Enda McGarrity of PA Duffy said the firm believes an inquiry by the Human Rights and Equality Commission is necessary.

Mr McGarrity said this investigation should also address the “broader systemic failure of the Government to implement policies which would protect its most vulnerable citizens”.

“Our instructions are to issue wrongful death claims against various homes who, we say, have caused or contributed to the deaths of residents by way of negligence and breach of statutory duty,” Mr McGarrity told

“These cases are at an early stage and many of the families are still grieving.

“In addition, it is within the power of any minister to propose a commission of investigation into any matter considered to be of significant public concern. Over half the deaths from Covid-19 have been in nursing homes.

“The matter is, therefore, of overwhelming public concern and we say that a commission will ultimately be required to properly investigate failures.”

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