Gemma needs to Grow up, her life under Threat, and Allegations re Car of Money Laundering?Some of her friends it is Alleged are heavily involved in the Drug Trade in Ballymun?

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Social media madness Dubliner Gemma Greene who was arrested after M50 chase taunts gardai on Instagram

The 24-year-old, who faces a court date later this month after her motorway antics, is currently in Spain

Gemma Greene

Gemma Greene

March 13 2021 04:08 PM

The young Dublin woman who was arrested after leading gardai on a high speed car chase on the M50, has boasted about reaching millions of accounts on social media.

Gemma Greene has taunted the gardai by changing her Instagram bio to show a sequence of emojis of a small car being chased by a number of police cars.

And she posted a screengrab which showed her Instagram account has had over 6.3m impressions in the last month.

The 24-year-old, who faces a court date later this month after her motorway antics, is currently in Spain where she has shared a series of clips and videos on social media of herself and a friend on holiday.

Multiple pictures and videos appear to show her in Dublin Airport, and later cruising down a motorway in the direction of Barcelona.

She also posted footage of herself driving through the streets of Barcelona while playing music.

Under a recent picture of herself and her friend, Greene wrote: ‘Ballymuns [sic] very own Bonnie & Clyde’.

In one clip showing off a rooftop pool area, she can also be heard saying: “Not a bad life, darling. This is me for the day.”

In a recent interview, Ms Greene said the high-speed M50 chase started after she was driving out of her estate and spotted a garda and thought he was going to pull her over so she sped off.

Gemma Greene

Gemma Greene

“I said I’m not f**king listening to this today. He didn’t even put the blue lights on. He didn’t even pull me to stop. I put the foot down and went for it,” she told the Irish Star.

Dozens of garda vehicles joined in the chase along with the Garda helicopter and Greene drove to the Kilmacanogue exit of the N11 before turning around and heading back north towards Ballymun.

During the Instagram livestream, she can be heard singing along to music and boasting about how she’s outrunning gardai in her car.


The chase eventually stopped when Greene’s car stopped at Hampton Wood in Ballymun shortly before 7pm on the evening of March 1.

A video of the incident shows Greene exiting the vehicle before numerous gardai tackled her to the ground.

She later said the only reason she stopped was because she was running out of fuel.

After her release from custody, she posted laughing emojis at the amount of hits her Instagram page was getting.

“That is mad. Two million impressions,” she said.

We recently revealed how the Mercedes C220 car that she was driving during the dramatic car chase is being held by gardai as part of a major money laundering investigation

“The car was originally seized from her due to the alleged road traffic offences that she committed but gardai are now holding onto it because it could be important evidence in an ongoing money laundering investigation,” a senior source said.

“Some of Ms Greene’s close associates are suspected of being heavily involved in criminality in Ballymun,” the source added.

The young woman has been officially warned by gardai of an active threat against her life and because of this it is unclear whether she will be fined for breaching coronavirus regulations by going on holiday to Spain.

Level 5 restrictions currently ban international travel for non-essential reasons.


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