Nevin Returns to the Ring, under the Kinahan Camp; it is Scary to think, some Boxers do not delve Deeper into the history of the “K cartel”, concerning all the Lives lost in the inner City and Beyond?

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Punching back John Joe Nevin hits out at media coverage after announcing he is to work with Daniel Kinahan

Nevin released a statement yesterday detailing plans to return to the ring.

Nevin's tweet contained the taunting hashtag
              #ilovethemedia. Pic credit: Twitter
Mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

Nevin’s tweet contained the taunting hashtag #ilovethemedia. Pic credit: Twitter

March 14 2021 06:34 PM

Olympian John Joe Nevin has hit out at the media after the news broke that he would be signing with crime boss Daniel Kinahan.

The former silver medalist announced yesterday that he will be working with boxer Billy Joe Saunders and Daniel Kinahan.

He announced his new move in a statement: “I’m really excited about this move. I’m looking forward to getting involved in some big fights and Billy Joe and Daniel are the men to be with to get them.”

Following Nevin’s announcement, he came under fire from some social media users after his comments were reported in the press.

However, today, the former Olympian refused to back down and took to social media to answer critics.

Holding a newspaper upside down, Nevin wrote: “Big shout to the media today. It’s about time ye started covering my career, I’m truly gracious for the nice words in today’s articles #ilovethemedia #MullingarShuffle #keepsmiling #SonOfIreland.”

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

Yesterday, Nevin had announced he was making a return to boxing after a lengthy break.

“I’ve been out of the ring now for a year and a half and I can’t wait to get back in under the lights. I’ve had a lot of stop starts to my career so far due to injury and not having the right promoters to get on them big shows but I’m unbeatable in 14 fights and I’m also rated in the top 15 with the WBA.

“I’m hoping to get the shot at a world title in my career as it was always a dream of mine to be a world champion, so I would love to get the opportunity to fulfil that dream.

“The fans will see that I’ve got such a stylish style all throughout my career, and I hope to showcase more of my skills on some big shows,” the 32-year-old continued.

Nevin was criticised for his choice to associate with Dubai-based Kinahan by some Twitter users.

One user messaged the Mullingar native on Twitter to express their disappointment in the boxer.

He wrote: “Followed your career as an amateur and a professional. Cheered you on every fight. Shame on you for hooking up with Kinahan. Shame on you.”

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