Former Garda Detective O’Brien finds Love? Now the Former Garda, once in the Serious Crime Squad, Lives with the Mother of Ross Browning, in a House involved in Dirty Money Proceedings?

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Court hearing Ex-garda detective named during CAB case brought against Kinahan cartel gangster Ross Browning

Former Detective Garda O’Brien who worked in the Serious Crime Review team lives with Browning’s mum Julie Conway in a property which has been identified by the Bureau in the dirty money proceedings.

Julie Conway and former detective Dave
              ‘Rocky’ O’Brien’s

Julie Conway and former detective Dave ‘Rocky’ O’Brien’s wedding

March 17 2021 11:51 AM

A former Garda cold case detective Dave ‘Rocky’ O’Brien has been named during a High Court a proceeds of crime case being taken against Kinahan Cartel lieutenant Ross Browning and members of his family.

Former Detective Garda O’Brien who worked in the Serious Crime Review team lives with Browning’s mum Julie Conway in a property which has been identified by the Bureau in the dirty money proceedings.

The couple married last year.

During High Court proceedings this week it emerged the pair have spent large sums of money renovating the once derelict Chestnut Lodge property which is located on a vast compound at Garristown which were the subject of CAB raids in 2018.

O’Brien is not named as a party in the proceedings but he was identified as living with his wife in the house which was once derelict but which they did up.

It is surrounded with one acre of gardens, the court heard.

The house which is in the name of Browning’s grandfather William Conroy was to be left to Julie Conway on his death, the High Court heard.

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But when William Conroy passed away in Portugal in 2018 he had left no will and his spouse Ellen is seeking probate.

In the High Court this week, Justice Alexander Owens was told that Julie Conway is taking proceedings to lay claim to the house and says she was ‘verbally’ promised it by her father in late 2014.

Julie is one of eight children of William and Ellen Conroy and the court heard that he worked as a barman in Cleary’s pub on Amiens Street and also worked as a taxi driver.

The court heard he was a PAYE worker with no involvement in crime and purchased properties funded by his earnings, a lump sum from former employers and a pay out from the redress board.

The CAB will say that the compound at Garristown and the buildings were bought with money earned from criminal offences and that Ross Browning, the first respondent is their key target in the proceedings.

Ross Browning

Ross Browning

Browning’s mother married ex-garda O’Brien during last summer and was on honeymoon when the Bureau served notice of proceedings on her son and a list of relatives and associates who are named in the case.

O’Brien was not among those named.

Former colleagues of O’Brien have been shocked that he has married the mother of such a senior Kinahan figure.

They had both been found guilty of lying to GSOC during an investigation involving a St Valentines Card, a g-string and a bullet.

But O’Brien later successfully appealed the conviction.

During the case phone records showed that they were in regular contact and texted one another more than 200 times despite claiming they were strangers.

Ex-detective O’Brien was one of just a handful of Garda who were chosen from hundreds of applicants to form the elite Serious Crime Review Team when it was formed in 2009.

At that point he had been a detective for almost 15 years and had served mainly in the Mountjoy district in Dublin which covered the Hardwicke Street flats area where Browning lived with mum Julie.

Browning is a top tier member of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group and has been involved with the mob for almost two decades since he started working a driver and an enforcer for Daniel Kinahan.

He rose through the ranks and is credited for introducing the first murder cell structure in the north inner city to the mob. It was made up of his friend, hitman for hire Eamon Cumberton, INLA heavy Johnny Keogh and others believed to be responsible for some of the first murders in the feud with the Hutch faction.

It is understood that Browning has been residing in Dubai in recent months.


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