Another Ageing Pervert, probably the Probation Services for him and social housing too. Sadly Ireland has many Pervs across the country. We must always Protect Children.

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Neighbour masturbated at front window
          as children played in garden
Sergeant Pat Lyons said the accused was fully naked at the time of the offence of engaging in an act of indecency.

Tue, 16 Mar, 2021

Children playing in the front garden of their home told their mother that the 65-year-old man living in the house opposite them masturbated at his front window.

Sergeant Pat Lyons said the accused was fully naked at the time of the offence of engaging in an act of indecency.

The mother of the children made a complaint to gardaí that the neighbour was watching them when they played in the garden and both children gave vivid descriptions of what happened.

“When interviewed he admitted masturbating naked. He said the children were not used for his gratification,” Sgt. Lyons said.

Defence barrister Ray Boland said the accused who had no previous convictions continued to live alone in the house and there had been no further incident since this occurred on October 26 2019 and that his bedroom was no longer to the front of the house.


Mr Boland BL quoted from the interview with the accused, “All I can do is apologise. I would do anything to make this right. I am ashamed of my life.”

 The barrister said the 65-year-old had been highly stressed since this occurred in 2019 and waiting for it to come before the court.

Mr Boland said it would have taken a full day for the case to be heard at Cork District Court and that the children and their family were spared the stress of them giving evidence and being cross-examined.

Sergeant Lyons sought an order not to have the accused identified as it would lead to the identification of the children across the road.

Judge Olann Kelleher agreed to impose that reporting restriction.

The judge said he would not finalise the case until a probation report was prepared on the defendant. He told the 65-year old it was a very serious matter and he should cooperate in every way with the probation service. Sentencing was adjourned until May 21.

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