Latest on the Kinahan Mob? Connections across Europe, but many Mobsters now, are doing Deals with Police?

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Daniel Kinahan appeared ‘in phone video footage alongside Dutch drug lord and Italian mafia fugitive’

  • 16 Mar 2021, 7:00
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2021, 22:09

DANIEL Kinahan appeared in a video alongside an alleged Dutch drug lord and  a wanted Italian mafia boss recovered from the Dutchman’s phone, a trial in Amsterdam heard yesterday.

Details of the footage were mentioned during the prosecution of Richard ‘El Rico’ Riquelme Vega on cocaine trafficking and money laundering charges.

Richard 'El Rico' Riquelme Vega at the moment of his
            extradition from Chile
Richard ‘El Rico’ Riquelme Vega at the moment of his extradition from Chile
Daniel Kinahan was in a video with both El Rico and
            fugitive Italian mafioso Raffaele Imperiale, the court
Daniel Kinahan was in a video with both El Rico and fugitive Italian mafioso Raffaele Imperiale, the court heard

El Rico, 47, who has Chilean heritage and is also known as ‘Rico the Chilean’,  is currently being tried in a heavily-fortified courthouse in the city known as ‘the bunker’.

Yesterday, judges heard briefly from the prosecution how Kinahan, 43, was a “regular contact” of his and was in a video on a phone seized from El Rico following his arrest and extradition to Holland  from Chile in 2017.

In the footage were the Dubliner, El Rico, Italian fugitive Raffaele Imperiale and another unidentified man.

Imperiale, 46, a boss of the Naples-based Camorra organisation, is wanted by Italian authorities to serve an eight year sentence for drug trafficking and is believed to be hiding out in Dubai.


No further details of El Rico’s association with Kinahan were given, but it has long been alleged that Kinahan formed a European drugs ‘super cartel’ along with El Rico, Imperiale and two other Dutch criminals, Naoufal ‘Belly’ Fassih and Ridouan Taghi.

Fassih, 40, is currently serving 18 years for an attempted murder in Holland following his arrest and extradition from Dublin in 2017.

Meanwhile, Ridouan Taghi is currently awaiting trial accused of involvement in seven drug-related murders in Holland following his own extradition from Dubai in December 2019.

Dutch media have also reported that Daniel Kinahan popped up during the attempts to track Taghi down before his arrest.

Undercover cops had tailed two lawyers from the Netherlands to Dubai in June 2019, believing they were about to meet Taghi.

The duo were met in the lobby of a luxury hotel there by a figure wearing a cap and glasses and Dubai police who were accompanying the Dutch prepared to move in, believing it to be their target.

However, the arrest was aborted at the last minute when locals recognised the cap-wearing man as Kinahan.


The cases against both El Rico and Taghi stem from a penetration by Dutch authorities of encrypted servers which they say were being used by organised crime figures to exchange messages.

The Irish Sun has previously revealed how part of the case against El Rico came from the seizure of an encrypted phone in Dublin during Fassih’s arrest at a Kinahan hideout in 2016.

Gardai swooped on the Baggot St apartment after coming across utility bills and a key for it during a raid on the home of Daniel’s childhood friend, Jeremy Skerritt.

Along with dozens of high end trainers, ‘Belly’  was also found in possession of a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encrypted Blackberry phone.

The device was passed to the Dutch, who managed to recover deleted messages between El Rico and Fassih detailing drug trafficking.

Dutch prosecutors say the messages prove El Rico was in touch with Fassih and Taghi over various murders and drug dealing.

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