The Pint Size Scumbag got his Verdict, Justice Served?

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Justice at last I couldn’t help but smile when John Gilligan’s family received a dressing down from the European Court

“Few will be surprised by the findings but it is nice to see the true principles of law upheld. It’s nice to see the good guys get a win,

John Gilligan

John Gilligan

March 18 2021 05:08 PM

I couldn’t help but smile when the Gilligan family received a dressing down from the European Court of Human Rights today having gone there to complain about how badly they had been treated by the Criminal Assets Bureau.

With swift and steady justice, they were told they were time wasters and that they were guilty of creating the delay that had denied them their ‘human rights’ and not the Bureau who they had blamed.

The decision to go to Europe spectacularly backfired. The Court described the Gilligans “vexatious delaying tactics” as being responsible for the overall duration of the proceedings against them and not the CAB.

The proceedings in question were drawn out over 21 years since the Bureau first identified assets accrued through drug dealing including the Jessbrook Equestrian Centre.

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Few will be surprised by the findings but it is nice to see the true principles of law upheld. It’s nice to see the good guys get a win.

They say there is no honour amongst criminals and nothing could be truer when it comes to the Gilligans who have repeatedly rejected ordinary society in favour of ‘Factory’ John’s abhorrent criminality but who have also sought to use the institutions of the State for their own means.

The fact is that the Gilligans want it both ways

They want to take with one hand while holding up two fingers with the other.

I remember the time John Gilligan put his name on the state housing list and signed on for job seekers allowance after losing his case against the Criminal Assets Bureau. He felt wholly entitled to get free accommodation and state handouts for the rest of his days, courtesy of you and of I, the taxpayers.

The same man’s gang murdered a journalist to silence reporting on organised crime, had cost the state millions in the trials which followed and had spent his days in prison pouring over legal books to find ways to thwarth the Proceeds of Crime legislation brought in as a direct result of his actions.

He didn’t get a council house or his social welfare but only because of an intervention by the diligent officers of the CAB who should have been worn out with him by the time they interviewed him on March 22, 2017 at Blanchardstown Garda station regarding his application for welfare.

Gilligan knew how to use the system but so did the officers. They asked him why he hadn’t applied for the payments in the three years since his release from jail but he wouldn’t answer saying he ‘wasn’t a rat.’

In the meantime he went to Spain where he was caught running a cannabis and pills network using the postal system to supply customers in the UK and Ireland. He remains before the courts and any assets he has accrued there will now be identified.

Daughter Treacy was named in the case taken to Europe too. She once told an undercover Sunday World team that she lived most of the year in Ireland because the free education system was better than the one in Spain and she wanted to avail of it. Then she tried to flog us the family pub for ‘the black money’ so she wouldn’t have to pay any taxes on it.

Her brother Darren Gilligan has never worked a day in his life and instead has been the recipient of social welfare payments for decades. He was arrested with his father late last year when cops burst into a Spanish villa to find him surrounded with cannabis and tablets. He also remains before the Spanish courts.

Wife Geraldine once told me that she would only leave her beloved Jessbrook Equestrian Centre, which had been identified by the Bureau in it’s proceeds of crime case, in a coffin as she was ‘entitled’ to it.

The courts found it had been bought with drug money but for 21 years, as the family used the courts to challenged every aspect of the CAB case against them, she enjoyed the privacy of the five bed bungalow rent free.

When they had sucked all they could from the Irish courts and reached the end of the road here they went to Europe begging for their hardships to be recognised and ultimately seeking compensation from the Irish State.

Like most things in life you just actually can’t have it both ways no matter how hard you try. Today the European Court of Human Rights laid the blame for the delays with the Gilligans’ themselves and the “wrong headed legal tactics” they used to frustrate and delay the system rather than reach a conclusion.

The court also found that when the Gilligans had finally sought to explain the source of the funds used to acquire the properties in question, the evidence had been emphatically rejected by the Irish courts, which had considered John Gilligan to be untruthful.

The Irish courts had described their tactics as an abuse of process, the European Court of Human Rights said, with the family litigating and re-litigating the same issue over and over again.

This decision is final and cannot be appealed. In layman’s terms; good riddance, to bad rubbish.

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