Gemma the Blonde Joy-Rider; Famous Overnight for all the wrong reasons. It is Said Gemma has been Offered Acting Roles, Modelling Jobs, and the rest. She returned from Spain last week and what we do know now is that Gemma will make money, by Simply breaking the Law, and making the Gardai look like Right Morons. During the Chase, there were 8 Squad Cars, an Armed Response Unit, other Gardai and the Helicopter, chasing the Blonde, across Dublin City? 2 million Followers already on her on her Instagram? Who said Crime does not Pay?

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Covid breach M50 chase woman Gemma Greene fined €500 on return from Spain

She arrived back in Ireland on Monday and this weekend she confirmed she was fined by gardai on return.

Gemma Greene

Gemma Greene

March 20 2021 02:25 PM

The Dublin woman who led gardai on a high speed chase which she live streamed on Instagram has said she was fined €500 for going on holidays to Spain.

Gemma Greene, from Coolock in north Dublin, was arrested by gardai earlier this month after the chase from north Dublin to Wicklow and back.

She is due to appear in court next week in connection with the incident.

Greene has been enjoying her notoriety since the incident and has joked about it online.

She jetted off to Spain days after her arrest and posted pictures from her Barcelona and Madrid.

Gemma Greene

Gemma Greene

She said she wants to move to Spain next month to live there.

She arrived back in Ireland on Monday and this weekend she confirmed she was fined by gardai on return.

“Fined me €500 even though I was visiting family which is deemed essential,” she posted on Instagram.

She also said this week she was considering setting up an OnlyFans account which is an account posting pictures, videos and other content only available if people pay a subscription.

Greene is due to appear in court next week in relation to the M50 incident.

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She lived-streamed the almost hour long chase on Instagram and could be heard singing along to music and taunting gardai while racing across the M50 in her Mercedes.

The chase eventually came to an end in Ballymun in north Dublin where she was arrested.

In an interview with the Irish Daily Star earlier this month she claimed the incident started after she was driving out of her estate and spotted a garda and thought he was going to pull her over so she sped.

“I said I’m not f**king listening to this today. He didn’t even put the blue lights on. He didn’t even pull me to stop. I put the foot down and went for it.”

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