Hopefully this New EU Criminal Information Sharing System will Catch many more who move country to country with outstanding convictions and thinking they can evade Justice by being on the Run in Ireland? It is called SIS 11

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Romanian man stopped at Wicklow checkpoint found wanted in Germany

6 hours ago

A ROMANIAN MAN stopped at a Garda check-point in Wicklow was found to be wanted in Germany after a search of a newly-introduced EU information system, the High Court has heard.© Shutterstock Stephen Barnes

Vasile Jelecuteam (44) was stopped at the checkpoint at Kilmacanogue just after 12am this morning and appeared before the High Court today.

Garda Margaret Fennelly, of Bray Garda Station, told the court that a black Jaguar vehicle was stopped at the checkpoint at around 00.05 and that she checked Jelecuteam’s identification and driver’s licence through the Garda Pulse and SIS II (Schengen Information System).

The search revealed that there was a European Arrest Warrant in place for Jelecuteam from Germany.

Under the processes of the Schengen Information System (SIS II), which Ireland joined on 15 March, the details of the alleged offence have yet to be supplied to the High Court.

Justice Paul Burns remanded Jelecuteam in custody until 31 March, with a bail hearing listed for Thursday of this week.

The SIS II system allows for the automated, simultaneous and immediate exchange of information across 26 EU countries and four others in the form of alerts.

Last week, two males – one Polish and one Slovakian – were arrested in Ireland on foot of European warrants in Eastern Europe under the system.

The SIS II alert contains three elements: identifying information on the person, object, or vehicle sought; a statement on why the person is sought, and the action to be taken when the person or object is found.

If a person, or object, is discovered in another country using SIS II, a hit is recorded and is immediately available to all authorities using the system.

There are currently 30 countries connected to SIS II – the 26 EU states and Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

In 2019, there were 120,000 missing person records shared on SIS II and over 40,000 alerts for persons wanted by countries connected to the system.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said that “accessing such information means that An Garda Síochána can swiftly deal with issues of serious crime with potential links to other European countries”.

Fred is puzzled! Does Brexit exclude the United Kingdom and therefore the North of Eire?

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