Be a Witness and Suffer; Let down by the Irish State for doing the Decent Thing in Court?

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Make me suffer’

Brave witness who helped jail psychotic gangland killer fears monster will ‘blow my head off’ ahead of freedom bid

  • Crime Editor
  • 24 Mar 2021, 7:30
  • Updated: 24 Mar 2021, 8:18

A BRAVE witness who helped jail a psychotic gangland killer said last night: “That monster will try and blow my head off.”

Terrified Joey ‘The Lips’ O’Callaghan, 35, told of his fears for his life ahead of thug Brian Kenny’s latest bid for freedom.

Face of a monster . . . banged up killer Brian Kenny
Face of a monster . . . banged up killer Brian KennyCredit: email:
Brave Joey 'The Lips' O'Callaghan talks to journalist
            Nicola Tallant
Brave Joey ‘The Lips’ O’Callaghan talks to journalist Nicola TallantCredit: Refer to Caption
Killer Kenny’s sidekick, Thomas Hinchon
Killer Kenny’s sidekick, Thomas HinchonCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

Kenny — who was caged for life for the murder of Jonathan O’Reilly, 25, on April 17, 2004 — is due for another appearance before the Parole Board on Friday.

The killer’s sidekick, Thomas Hinchon, 40, remains in prison after he was caught with a mobile phone last year and is not scheduled for any parole hearing.

Although Kenny has met with his family outside prison over 20 times in the last 17 years, he’s again pushing for his full release.

But Joey is convinced the maniac will embark on a “mission” to murder him if his fourth parole application is accepted.


The dad-of-one — whose story was told by Sunday World Investigations Editor Nicola Tallant in best-selling book The Witness — has written to the Parole Board objecting to the thug’s release.

He has also sent letters to ­Justice Minister Helen McEntee and to the Governor of Loughan House Open Prison.

Joey said: “If that animal gets released, he could be waiting to blow my head off every time I open the door — he’ll make me suffer. People talk about lockdown, but I have been living in lockdown for the last 17 years.

“I am convinced he has spent the last 17 years in prison obsessing about blowing my head off.

“He will always be looking for revenge and if he gets out my quality of life will drastically change. So long as I’m alive he’ll always be looking for revenge.”

In his letter to the Justice Minister and the Irish Prison Service, he pleaded with the authorities to keep Kenny behind bars.


Joey added: “He has been to see his family outside prison over 20 times — but what have I got?

“I would love nothing more than to visit my mam’s house for a cup of tea without the fear of a gunman waiting for me as soon as I stepped outside the door.

“What I wouldn’t give to see my daughter, but I can’t because of the threat still hanging over me.

“Perhaps I should have been a killer, then I would have received better treatment after all these years.

“He’s brought out of prison to see his family but the gardai will never bring me to meet my family.”

Joey continued: “If Kenny walks free, what message does this send to people considering joining the witness protection programme?

“If someone is convicted of a brutal gangland murder and walks free after 17 years, it leaves people terrified. When are we going to talk about life meaning life.”


Although Kenny has been in prison for 17 years, investigators believe he still has supporters in west Dublin.

We can also reveal he remains at the centre of a major investigation by Tusla relating to horrific abuse he inflicted on Joey when he was a child.

A file on the abuse has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Irish Sun can also reveal their fears were heightened last month when the authorities received intelligence of a fresh plot to kill the courageous dad.

Joey said: “In one month, I received two official warnings from the police that my life was still under threat. How can this still be happening after 17 years?

“This goes to show that Kenny still has influence and he will never let this go. If he gets out, I’ve no doubt he’ll try to complete his obsession of killing me.

“I exposed him for what he was in the book and he will fantasize about blowing my brains out.

“I don’t think prison will have changed him one bit — he will come out more cockier than ever.”


Joey added: “I don’t want to be at the end of a gun, but this is the fate that awaits me if this animal is released.

“There’s no doubt he will start flexing his muscles again and start throwing his weight around. He’s the master of manipulation and will start preying on other kids, like he did with me, before he has a hold on them.

“I know this monster and it’s only a matter of time before lives are lost if he’s back in the community.”

The witness also told how he felt abandoned by the State over the years.

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