The West Brits are back again, along with RTE, Easter Eggs, What next? Accusing FF of being a Republican Party that would be a Laugh for Easter? We all love Easter, our Faith and Culture and the Eggs?

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Gerry Adams: A Career That Took
        Him From Balaclava To Ballot Box

Shame on you’ – Gerry Adams accused of disrespect after launching Irish unity themed Easter Egg on anniversary of IRA bombing

Jack Beresford

March 22nd, 2021

GERRY ADAMS has come in for criticism after launching an Irish Unity-themed chocolate Easter Egg on the anniversary of an IRA bombing. 

The former Sinn Féin president shared a video on Twitter this past Saturday, March 20, unveiling a “very, very, very special package that we have put together at considerable expense”. 

Described as a “cross-community, all Ireland, all island Easter egg” the seasonal confectionary comes wrapped in a sheet of paper that says #Time4Unity and is sold with a proclamation and Easter lily. 

On the video, Adams says: “While we honour our patriot dead, and it’s very, very important that we do so and we remember the sacrifices of all of those generations, and particularly the men and women of our own time and also the men and women of 1916 … Easter is also about Easter eggs. 

“What better thing to unite the people of Ireland, than a Uniting Ireland Easter egg. Let me tell you, even the unionists like Easter eggs.” 

Adams is no stranger to United Ireland-themed products, having previously put his name to a series of special Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day cards. 

However, the timing of this latest announcement has sparked criticism coming as it did on the 28th anniversary of the IRA bombing that killed two young boys in Warrington

56 shoppers were injured in the blast on Bridge Street in Warrington town centre on March 20th, 1993.  

Johnathan Ball, who was only three, died instantly while Tim Parry, 12, died five days later in hospital. 

In the wake of the video, several Twitter users accused Adams of disrespect. 

“Easter Eggs? Really?” one person wrote. 

“They have no shame,” a second added. 

A third tweeted: “Greetings from Warrington. 28 years ago today. Shame on you talking about your Easter eggs.” 

Adams has not commented on the criticism. 

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