Very well planned, this is the Premier League of Crime, and Alleged Massive Tax Dodge?

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Swede justice Controversial code-crackers brought in to investigate Irish driveway crew’s alleged massive tax-dodge

The documents show how investigators found Darren O’Connor had changed his name to James Kenneally and how the two identities were actually the same person.

Darren O’Connor had previously left

Darren O’Connor had previously left Sweden.

March 22 2021 08:30 AM

Swedish authorities used a controversial Israeli code-breaking firm to extract information from the mobile phones of an Irish tarmacking and driveway crew.

Hundreds of receipts, emails, texts and bank transactions were traced and documented to build up the case against the O’Connor family.

A family tree of the brothers, the firms and their Swedish associates are among thousands of pages included in the investigation file put before Stockholm District Court.

The documents show how investigators found Darren O’Connor had changed his name to James Kenneally and how the two identities were actually the same person.

While being interviewed, his wife Chantal said Darren – with whom she has three kids – had left her and that she had a new boyfriend called James Kenneally.

But when it was put directly to her that Darren and James were the same person she replied: “Yes.” Darren O’Connor had previously left Sweden after going bankrupt and owing a tax debt, it is stated in the documents.

Darren was seen at work for the firm.

Darren was seen at work for the firm.

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The trawl of the O’Connors’ mobile phones used software devised by Cellebrite, an Israeli-based, Japanese-owned company.

The company, which sells software to law-enforcement all over the world, has been accused of allowing its products to be used by repressive regimes.

The deep dive revealed Darren O’Connor’s notes of transactions on his iPhone which kept track of how much he had been paid and what he had paid out in expenses.

The notes include items such as diesel and coffee, but also names beside much larger sums, all of which Darren denied any knowledge of or refused to comment on.

Investigators linked payments to their firm from customers which were then transferred to accounts controlled by family members.

Darren O’Connor claimed to have no knowledge of the accounts or that he shared the same iCloud account with members of his family.

The information extracted from Chantal’s iPhone showed how it was used to transfer cash to a Bank of Ireland account from Sweden. Also extracted from the phones were WhatsApp messages which showed how John O’Connor quarrelled with business associate Caroline Lindstrom as the tax authorities closed in last October.

“One thing you remember for the rest of your life Caroline I have money my (w)hole life, money will never come between me and my family and real friends.

“I (am) the man who put you were you are today… I wouldn’t do that to you but you have to live with know (sic) good luck to you.

“Have a nice life you have a short memory.

“Don’t call me anymore your (sic) no friend of mine,” the message read. In the WhatsApp exchange, Ms Lindstrom urges John O’Connor to leave it to her to sort out, and tells him: “We need to show them a united front”.

But John replied: “Told you don’t text me biggest mistake I made was I should of let (sic) you in the petrol station in Bromma.”

Investigators even tracked down footage from ATMs to see who withdrew cash from accounts owned by the brothers.

Darren O’Connor at the ATM.

Darren O’Connor at the ATM.

When shown a photo of him withdrawing cash from Edward’s account, Darren told investigators: “Maybe he asked me to make a withdrawal. I had no use for using his account otherwise, I had Chantal’s account.”

When Edward was asked about the same photograph he said he couldn’t tell who it was at the cash machine.

Edward O’Connor at a filling station.

Edward O’Connor at a filling station.

Other text messages also show Darren working closely with Caroline Lindstrom, organising jobs and dealing with customers and suppliers.

As well as the high-tech data crunching there are also some old-fashioned surveillance reports in the documents filed to the court.

A member of the Economic Crime Authority noted Darren turning up at jobs with his wife Chantal, including at one last May.

“Darren has on several occasions been visible in the various jobs, he has also been active and worked at the various workplaces.

“Darren has been wearing a yellow vest and driving an excavator adjacent to a workplace. Darren has also been in a car with the company logo on it,” a surveillance report said.

Darren O’Connor

Darren O’Connor

A series of photographs of the family members at work was also compiled by investigators to link to the firms at the centre of the money-laundering accusations.

A police report of a traffic stop reveals how Edward O’Connor was driving an 4×4 vehicle and trailer with the Swedco Drainage & Groundwork logo.

This car was registered to Chantal

This car was registered to Chantal O’Connor.

He was identified using a Swedish tax agency ID card and his Irish driver’s licence, while the passenger, his father John – also known as Jack – provided his Irish passport and UK licence as ID.

The authorities moved against the accused people on October 20 last when a number of arrests were made.

A number of vehicles were seized, including a 201-D reg Audi which Edward O’Connor had been driving at the time.

Each of the brothers was interviewed a number of times of by investigators with a lawyer and interpreter present.

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