Leo has the Full Backing of his Politicial Partner, the Great FF Lame Duck Martin, Leader of Ireland?

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Leaky Leo pulls a sneaky, but who cares?

Rules on confidentiality, it seems, apply to all public servants except the ones with the most clout

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March 21 2021 02:30 AM

Does anyone remember when Fine Gael was the “law-and-order party”? In those days, the party’s ard fheis was awash with scowling people who emerged from the womb demanding tougher laws, longer sentences and the imposition of martial law on Dublin’s northside.

Legend has it that a small outbreak of fisticuffs was reported at the 1998 ard fheis after a lady TD was heard to mutter “gurrier”, when northsider Richard Bruton TD (Clongowes Wood and Oxford) approached the podium.

How upsetting it must be today for so many members of the law and order party now that the current leader of Fine Gael is under “active” investigation by the Garda Síochána.

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