Dundon, should Serve at least 20 years; Taking a Life should mean a Severe Sentence, Dundon showed others, No Mercy?

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Gangland killer John Dundon shouldn’t get chance at early release, says cop who helped jail him

His comments come as we revealed how Dundon is being given a chance to progress his life sentence with a move to Cork Prison

John Dundon
John Dundon

A former garda who helped jail gangster John Dundon says the killer should never be given a chance at an early release.

Former Detective Garda Sean Lynch was involved in the Shane Geoghegan murder case – which ultimately saw mobster Dundon, 38, jailed for life in 2013.

This week, we revealed that prison bosses have moved Dundon from the country’s maximum-security jail – Portlaoise Prison – to Cork Prison, to progress his life sentence.

The move was done to give Dundon the opportunity to engage in courses and other programmes that are vital towards eventually securing potentially early parole one day.

But in an exclusive interview today Mr Lynch, who is now retired from the force, says a monster like Dundon should never be given any opportunity to get out early.

“Absolutely no is my view. Unfortunately, these guys don’t change their spots. It is terrible for the victims.

Shane Geoghegan
Shane Geoghegan (Image: PA Wire)
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“What this does, it brings the whole thing back, the memories. People will never get an opportunity to get closure if we have this continuous review of sentencing.

“As far as I am concerned, life is life. No ifs and no buts.”

Mr Lynch, who worked the beat during the height of the bloody Limerick feud, says giving someone like Dundon access to courses – must be heavily weighed by the authorities against his horrific crimes.

“If he’s willing to change his ways within the prison system then absolutely, do whatever courses are available and let the prison authorities make the decision if it is genuine, or just all about getting an early release some way down the road,” he told the Star.

“Weigh up the circumstances here. There’s a bigger picture. I will always have sympathy for someone certainly if it was a once-off, a moment of madness.

“Certainly there’s room there for reviewing and for hope and education and everything else that goes with it.

“But for someone that’s involved in premeditating not just one, but more than one, certainly no I just can’t see it.

“I wouldn’t even entertain it, to be honest,” he said of Dundon.

Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch
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Mr Lynch also told how life in Limerick is much better now that the infamous Dundons, who waged a bitter gangland war that cost many lives, are firmly behind bars.

“Limerick is brilliant at the moment. It’s a great place. It would be so unfair to the people that helped to put this to bed (for him to get out),” he said.

Limerick is a great place and the gardai have done a fantastic job here, It would be an injustice to all the different agencies and to their victims to even contemplate it.

“I personally myself am a firm believer that life is life.”

And the former top garda says he believes any consideration on releasing someone like Dundon should be put by gardai who are still policing the streets of Limerick to this day – as they have the intel as to whether someone like him is still a player in gangland crime.

“The most important thing is I think that members of An Garda Siochana who know exactly what’s going on and know if he’s still in contact with people on ground, to see what their view is.

“The guards working in the area should always have an opportunity to say yes or no. They are in a better position than I or anybody else,” he said.

John Dundon
John Dundon
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He also believes that someone like Dundon, whose family are responsible for a wave of violence in Limerick over the years, shouldn’t really ever get a chance at parole.

Unfortunately I can’t see any way that the authorities should ever contemplate giving this man parole.

“There’s a bigger picture out there and I know the gardai out there that were involved and still out there I know exactly their view and it would be absolutely no.

“This thing about reviewing that every so often is unfair and it brings back all the horrible memories and people are not getting any closure,” he added. https://get-latest.convrse.media/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.irishmirror.ie%2Fnews%2Firish-news%2Fcrime%2Fgangland-killer-john-dundon-shouldnt-23796792&cre=bottom&cip=38&view=web

Innocent rugby player Shane Geoghegan, 28, died after he was shot five times on the orders of Dundon – as he walked to his girlfriend’s house in the early hours of 9 November, 2008.

He was killed in a horrific case of mistaken identity.

Infamous Dundon was a member of the Dundon/McCarthy mob who were in a bitter gangland dispute with the Keane/Collopy gang in Limerick.

It is believed 20 murders happened after Eddie Ryan was shot dead at the Moose Bar in Limerick in 2010.

Dundon’s infamous brothers Dessie and Wayne Dundon are also serving life sentences for murder, while their brother Gerard served time for violent disorder.

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