Homeless people are Human Beings, like all of us? We have Forgotten them, many have Died Cold, Hungry on the Streets of Ireland. This FF and FG, Government are a Disgrace; Keegan in Dublin City Council (where is his emotional intelligence?) needs a Compassion Check? Please Respect the Vulnerable, we have a Pandemic? Yet we Ignore the most Weak in Society, Why?

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Fred … walking along the canal – I see the tents. The Hilton hotel has no visitors anymore because of COVID-19 but then in the heady days what did they ever do for the homeless?

In California questions are mooted that these homeless people are gaining ground against the capitalists in that they are moving into wealthy and elite areas and just pitching up their tents or setting up the accommodation and applying to no legislation. I suppose in a way it is the same as the shanty towns in South Africa and so many other countries where the impoverished in desperation claim the space that most gives them a sense of community but which often encroaches on the wealthy areas, a source of provision for their basic needs of food, drink and a sheltered community.

In Dublin we know what happened … the canal. A digger was instructed to remove the tents ie the homes of our homeless people. The digger driver did not think to look if there was anyone inside the tent. There is man in Dublin, from Africa, who was in a tent and he was badly injured; it necessitated the Rehabilitation hospital for many months. Do we know if he has taken an action against the DCC or whoever is responsible or is he just left in an abyss destined for an early death? Do we care?

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