It is Getting Crazy out there; People turning up in Cork for Hoax COVID-19 Vaccine Jabs; Pharmacy Workers were told to Leave the Centre. In the Meantime Donnelly the Social Democratic FF Clown keeps on Bluffing the Country?

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Social media hoax results in pharmacy staff arriving at vaccine centre for jabs

 3 hrs ago

PHARMACY workers had to be asked to leave a major Irish vaccination centre after a social media hoax which claimed Covid-19 vaccines were being offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

A number of people, who believed the social media information to be correct, briefly refused to leave the Páirc Uí Chaoimh complex in Cork until they had received the vaccines.

Last Thursday and Friday vaccines were being administered at the Cork GAA complex to healthcare workers but only on an appointment basis.

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The AstraZeneca jabs were being administered to a wide range of healthcare workers who had not received their vaccinations to date via hospitals or GP surgeries.

It is understood a fake message was circulated on social media on Thursday night that walk-in vaccine appointments were now being offered to pharmacy staff in the greater Cork area.

Cork’s 96FM said that the social media message also advised that pharmacy workers should attend with their driver’s licenses and their PPS numbers.

Almost 40 pharmacy workers arrived at the Cork complex over the course of Friday.

However, HSE staff were adamant that vaccines were only being administered on an appointment basis and in strict accordance to national priority groups.

No vaccines were being offered on a call-in basis.

Vaccination of the general public at the Cork GAA complex is not expected to commence until May or even June.

When a number of irate pharmacy workers refused to leave the Cork complex without having received vaccines, a special memo was sent to pharmacies in the Cork area asking for staff to be directly contacted about the social media hoax.

The memo asked pharmacy owners and managers to contact their staff and ask them to leave the site immediately if they were among those refusing to go home.

Officials were concerned at the social distancing implications of the number of people gathered at the complex.

Pharmacy officials were also told to clarify with their staff that vaccination appointments are only issued through official HSE channels and will be administered on an appointment-only basis.

A HSE spokesperson stressed that there is an online registration system for healthcare workers which, once utilised, will offer an appointment time and date for vaccination with the alert being received by text.

Fred in sheer desperation at the ineptitude of our Government to roll out a vaccine programme, along military campaign logistics, as is happening in countries like Denmark, Israel, UK. Yesterday in the US they delivered 3.4 million vaccine doses (Astra Zeneca). Ireland is sleepwalking. Why are we not standing on the shoulders of giants. Russia say they would consider giving us Sputnik V but nobody has asked for it. We have a small population. Imagine if we had the equivalent number to Israel vaccinated on our Island the economic turbo charge that would happen. This is especially important when we consider our porous border on our Island and the fact that Northern Ireland today is rolling out vaccines to those aged 50+

Maybe Mr Donnelly needs support. Surely a person with military campaign experience could be his adjunct. We are sinking in a mire. B117 is virulent; it differs from the earlier virus. It came from Kent in the UK and it is significantly more transmissable.

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