FF a Party in Steady Decline; FF have lost their Core Values, a Culture and and that Sense of Proud to be Irish? Too many Clowns in the Party?

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Fianna Fáil’s support drops to 11% in latest Red C poll

29th March 2021

FIANNA FÁIL’S SUPPORT has dropped to 11% – down two points – in the latest Business Post/Red C pollMicheal Martin sitting on a motorcycle© PA

The party’s coalition partners have gained ground, with Fine Gael at 30 (+1 in four weeks) and the Green Party on 5 (+2). 

The latest poll results shows Fine Gael only one point above Sinn Féin which stands at 29. 

The other results are as follows: 

  • Labour 4
  • Solidarity-PBP 2
  • Aontú 2
  • Others 1 (+1)
  • Independents 11 (-1)

The latest poll is likely to put the Taoiseach under some heat this week, with members of the parliamentary party already airing their concerns about the drop in the party’s support in recent meetings.

As far back as last year, members of Fianna Fáil have been critical of the direction and strategy of the party, with some stating that the rhetoric used in relation to Sinn Féin, may be isolating the party.

Some TDs have said this year that the party should not rule out going into government with Sinn Féin, while TD Barry Cowen has publicly said Micheál Martin should go before the next election. 

Today’s Red C poll also shows that 67% of people think the government is not doing a good job in handling the vaccine roll out.

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