FF and the Blue Shirts may Try and Destroy our Faith and Culture; Niall Dopey Collins may call the Irish people Racist, We are Ireland, our Fathers and Mothers fought for this Country, we are a Proud People, we will not be Bullied Down, by Martin and his Gobshite Government. People are getting Angry, a Police State, Never, People will March in their Thousands? Ireland has a good reason to value its people; we were an occupied country by the British Empire for over 700 years; we achieved our Freedom started by the Rising in 1916.

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        of 1 person and text that says 'Covid-19 Cavan priest vows to
        continue saying Mass despite fine ብ ー 1A11'

Penal Days and today in Co Cavan. Now our own so called Government forbid our Mass. Fr Hughes will go down in Irish History as a man who stood up for Catholics as did Fr John Murphy of Boolavogue fame in 1798 Co. Wexford. ‘Turn off your TV,’ Fr Hughes said, ‘and focus on Holy Week.’ He is indeed a Good Shepherd. The past year, 2020, was a golden time for the Catholic Church in Ireland to man up and reclaim its voice again against the naysayers and knockers. Alas, no.

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