Why would there be any Doubt that this woman may not Face Charges; 1.6 million euros goes missing. People in Prison for literally Stealing a Bar of Chocolate?

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Female employee suspected of €1.6m hospital payroll fraud

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March 31 2021 02:30 AM

The Director of Public Prosecutions is due to decide in the coming weeks if a long-term employee of a major Dublin hospital will face charges in relation to an alleged €1.6m fraud case.

The woman has been arrested and questioned by uniformed gardaí from a local station who have been investigating the case – rather than the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB).

Local gardaí were made aware of the allegation after receiving a complaint last year about the alleged massive fraud.

It is claimed that the veteran employee was working in the accounts section of the Dublin hospital where she managed to divert payments from two doctors who had previously worked at the hospital into a third-party bank account.

Senior sources have confirmed that one of the doctors whose pay she was allegedly fraudulently obtaining had been deceased for a number of years.

The other doctor was long since retired from the hospital.

The middle-aged woman at the centre of the case was not previously known to gardaí.

“This is a very large sum of money and the allegation is that this fraudulent behaviour happened for a number of years before it was finally noticed by the hospital and a complaint was made to gardaí,” a source said.

“It is suspected that the employee used her position in the accounts department of the hospital where she was dealing with salaries to carry out this crime,” the source added.

It is understood that a file on the case was submitted to the DPP earlier this year.

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