How much more can People Endure, into a Second Year of Lockdown, and a Police State, not Forgetting a Government of Covid Clowns, led by FF and Martin?

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Irish pubs update: ‘Disheartening scenes’ show crowds throng Grand Canal Quay for night of drinking fun

The incident is not a “once-off” with claims being made that these scenes take place on “a daily and nightly basis

A Dublin councillor has blasted scenes from the south inner city last night where groups gathered for a night of drinking fun – visibly and openly breaking Level 5 lockdown restrictions.

These were the images shot at Grand Canal Quay last night as throngs of people flooded the area for hours on end which locals are describing as a “nightly occurrence”.

A source told Dublin Live: “It’s just madness what goes on down there every night.

Hours of drinking and playing loud music and having the craic which would be totally acceptable if we weren’t going through a pandemic.

When Ringsend natives tried to do bingo and have a few drinks outside their own houses last year, they were turned down.

Like everyone, the locals here have been affected by the lockdown and they are going to take a stand if something isn’t done soon.

Local Sinn Fein TD Chris Andrews told Dublin Live that these gatherings are “unacceptable”.

The Dublin Bay South deputy said: “It’s really disheartening to see these scenes at the height of a pandemic

Sinn Fein Cllr Chris Andrews (Image: Chris Andrew)

“This is a residential area and what residents have to put up with is unacceptable.

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