Tourism Ireland is run like a Private Club, an April Fool’s joke on April Fools day is so inappropriate at a time there is a media ban on reporting suicides in Ireland. We do not know the numbers of suicides for 2020; to compare them as listed for the previous decade. How many people have been unable to cope with these pandemic and brutal times? Truth is there are many. Poor taste … Tourism Ireland … your comment on suicide

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Poor taste’ Irish tourism site slammed for ‘vile’ April Fool’s Day post

‘Visit Doolin’ posted the comment on its Facebook page on Thursday.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

April 03 2021 06:00 AM

A Clare tourism listings site has been slammed by social media users for their April Fool’s post about suicide.

‘Visit Doolin’ posted the comment on its Facebook page on Thursday.

It was still visible on the profile at 8am yesterday.

However, the entire Facebook page now appears to have been deleted.

The post began: “Health and Safety changes from Cliffs of Moher will result in the height of cliffs being reduced by 200 metres”, before making a crude reference to the Samaritans signs in the locality.

Many people vented their frustrations with the post in the comments, branding it “insensitive” and “vile”.

One person commented: “I actually cannot believe my eyes. Poor taste doesn’t even cover it… I’m at a loss as to how this is one bit humorous… Disgraceful and completely disrespectful.”

Another said: “If you think this post is funny please take a moment to re-evaluate.

“We have such high suicide rate in our country and this post just laughs in the faces of families who have lost loved ones to suicide… vile.”

A third wrote: “Very bad… Very insensitive especially with mental health at the moment.”

The Samaritans charity has many posters placed around the beauty spot appealing to those who are suffering to seek support from its helpline.

The Samaritans said it does not wish to comment on the Facebook post but encourages anyone who has been affected by the story to contact its helpline.

After receiving the criticism, the team behind the Facebook page acknowledged the mistake and apologised, but the original post was still available for a number of hours before deletion.

Yesterday morning, the group posted the following: “Hi Fans. It seems one of our members posted an April 1st post, while humour intended, it may have caused offence to some… If anyone was offended, I will take flak. Niamh”

The Facebook page had 14,700 followers and was linked to the tourism listings website.

Visit Doolin has been contacted but had not responded to the incident yesterday evening.

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