Drogheda back in the News: Urgent attention: Lethal Rat Poison Cocaine hits the Streets of Drogheda?

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Potentially lethal ‘cocaine’ seized in Drogheda as gardai warn dangers of overdosing are ‘very real’

Suspected cocaine was seized and tested but was found to have high levels of toxic chemicals in it 

Stock image of a garda officer
Stock image of a garda officer (Image: Collins Photo Agency)

5th April 2021

Gardai are warning that suspected cocaine recovered in the feud-hit town of Drogheda in recent weeks is a ‘dangerous composition’ of toxic chemicals – with dangers of overdosing ‘very real.’

The warning comes after suspected cocaine was seized and tested and found to have ‘very little cocaine in it’ but had high levels of toxic chemicals likely to cause overdoses.

“This composite cocaine is lethal as normally a kilo of cocaine which has been cut many times will have around 25% of actual cocaine in it,” an expert source said.

“So yes, overdosing on this composite cocaine is very real as it doesn’t actually have much cocaine in it but is a combination of toxic chemicals.”

Every kilo of pure cocaine is cut initially when it lands by the first person who has possession of it.

Cutting cocaine means mixing the cocaine with additives, some of which may just be fillers while others can be dangerous or toxic. As a result, dealers can increase their profits, often at their customers’ expense.

“But the bottom line is it can be extremely risky for people who use the drugs because they don’t know what is actually in the cocaine they are using,” the source said.

“The first couple of cuts is most likely made with a higher quality mixing agent such as Lidocaine which is normally supplied for free on top of each purchase of cocaine, when buying in bulk,” the source explained.

Cocaine is more than likely to have been passed through three to six dealers by the time it reaches its final user, the source confirmed, adding that the cocaine has been cut each time with pain killers, baby powder, icing sugar and toxic chemicals.

“There is no way for people to determine what’s truly in cocaine when they buy it on the streets. They’re ultimately gambling in a very dangerous way,” the source said.

Some of the cocaine recovered in the town in recent weeks was a dangerous composition believed to have high volumes of toxic chemicals in it.

“We are warning people that the danger of overdose from these recent batches of cocaine seized in Drogheda is very real. This composite cocaine is potentially lethal,” a Garda spokesperson said, adding “In recent weeks in Drogheda we have recovered powder that had very little cocaine in it.”

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