If the Gardai fail to Respect the will of the Irish People, (who they Swear an Oath to Serve), then Sadly all that can be said is that Dark Times are Looming. Sources also inform this Blog, that a Non National member of the Gardai, is Alleged to hold a Deep Contempt for the People of this Country thus making the case that She is in the Wrong Job?

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May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and
        text that says 'GARDA # NO VACCINE COERCION COER'

And you think guards are your friends.
Hard to be friendly with enforcers of State Tyranny.
Well since this started last March their true colours are really coming forth.
I’m sure those with a conscience get caught up with the corrupt ones.
They harass the Irish natives at a protest but not the BLM protests.
They are losing the respect of the citizens quickly.
Just a lady expressing her opposition to the jab.
And a very fine lady she is also.
That is a very fine placard!
Free speech is gone in Ireland.

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