RTE again, How many Pensions is this Mayo Cute Clown Receiving? Pure Greed sadly. Why not give a young Person a Chance? RTE look after their own Cronies.

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‘Is this for real?’ Viewers question Enda Kenny’s new TV presenting role

 4 hrs ago

It has been quite a while since we have seen former Taoiseach Enda Kenny on our screens, and now he has appeared on RTÉ twice in the space of a few days.Enda Kenny riding on the back of a bicycle© Provided by Evoke.ie

Enda spoke to Ryan Tubridy on Friday ahead of the premiere of his new show, Iarnród Enda, which sees him travel around Ireland, looking at railway systems.

An avid cyclist, Enda traverses the country using the disused railway lines which have been turned into greenways.

The first episode of the six-part series brought the 69-year-old to the Waterford greenway, to discover what the railway was like there, as he spoke to locals around the area, and saw how the closing of the railway here has helped other aspects of life.a man standing next to a body of water: Enda Kenny Pic: RTÉ© Provided by Evoke.ie Enda Kenny Pic: RTÉ

The new show saw Enda hanging up his political shoes in favour of TV, and while some found his Iarnród Enda charming and enjoyable, others felt as though the position could have gone to someone with better credentials, especially as the entertainment industry is on its knees currently.

During the episode, some viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new railway show, as one user wrote:

‘Nothing against Enda Kenny, who is not lacking a public profile, but this could have been a great opportunity to showcase the talents of one or more younger presenters. That’s not the RTÉ way.’Enda Kenny riding a bike down a dirt road: Iarnród Enda. Pic: RTÉ© Provided by Evoke.ie Iarnród Enda. Pic: RTÉ

A second said:

And a third shared: ‘Musicians and Entertainers out of work but @rte use licence fee money twice this weekend for Enda Kenny. What a waste!!

However, others thoroughly enjoyed the railway show, as one viewer thought it was ‘very well produced and showing the best of #Irish scenery.’

Another wrote: ‘#iarnrodenda is a charming, enjoyable, relaxing show. Kind of like @johncreedon’s shows, except with less waffling. Why can’t RTE make more stuff like this and less doom and gloom about Covid?’

The show airs Mondays, 8.30pm on RTE One.

Fred is a little bit of an artist himself but thankfully he is not greedy; and two pensions are quite suffice for him to live life.

However, our former Taoiseach has many, many pensions, not to mention his tax incentive options to have private pensions; add this to his pensions from the State ie which is paid by the taxpayers/citizens of Ireland.

Teachers pension

TD pension



Surely it is a little greedy to add RTE programme presenter or then maybe he is looking for another State pension if he is asked to become President of Ireland in the future.

RTE is too focused on people like former President Mary McAleese and now former Taoiseach Enda Kenny to increase viewers to their near defunct service.

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