Plenty of Chinese Nookie and Noodles in Co Clare?

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Seedy business Judge says Dublin couple were ‘essential cogs’ in Ennis brothel operation

Garda raid in 2018 found two women, aged 62 and 50 in the property and a Clare man hiding in the wardrobe

Fokyee Anderson and Eamon Ryan at Ennis Court

Fokyee Anderson and Eamon Ryan at Ennis Court

April 07 2021 06:21 PM

A judge has told a court that a Dublin couple were “essential and vital cogs in the machine” which operated a brothel in Ennis over two years ago.

At Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan imposed a suspended three month prison term on Eamon Ryan (54) and on Fokyee Anderson (48) both of Glenmaroon Rd, Palmerstown, Dublin 20 who both pleaded guilty to permitting an Ennis property be used as a brothel on December 18th, 2018.

The couple was charged after a Gardai raid on 31 The Crescent, Ennis found two Chinese women, one aged 62 and another aged 50 working as prostitutes on December 18th 2018 and Mr Ryan and Ms Anderson also present at the property.

Solicitor for the two accused, John Casey admitted that the case was “seedy” and at Ennis District Court today, Judge Patrick Durcan stated that the two accused were “essential and vital cogs in the machine” of operating the brothel.

Judge Durcan stated: “The overall nature of this industry is hugely abusive of women and the two played a role in that business. They were under no illusions about the activity they were entering into.”

Judge Durcan stated that the two accused “had free B&B down the country” and Ms Anderson received €5 for each booking and Mr Ryan got his expenses.

During the raid, Gardai also found a 46 year old Co Clare man hiding in a wardrobe in the bedroom used by the 50 year prostitute.

Sgt Aiden Lonergan confirmed that the two women working as prostitutes were aged in their sixties and fifties.

In response, Judge Durcan asked: “Sixties?” In reply, Sgt Lonergan said: “Yes judge.”

The purpose of the raid was to protect adults engaged in prostitution and the house was rented only for a few days to allow the brothel operate.

Sgt Lonergan stated that Mr Ryan admitted to driving the women around the country while Ms Anderson took the bookings and took €5 for each booking.

Sgt Lonergan stated that there is no evidence of trappings of wealth or that the two accused had coerced or trafficked the women concerned.

The sergeant stated that when the two women who worked as prostitutes were interviewed by Gardai, they stated that that they were not being pressurised.

Sgt Lonergan stated that the two are no longer in the country.

Solicitor for the accused, John Casey stated that Mr Ryan only got “petrol money” and got no other benefit for his involvement whatsoever and Ms Anderson €5 per booking.

Mr Casey stated: “They treated this as a holiday in the country. This wasn’t a professional operation. They were making no money out of it”

Mr Casey stated that Mr Ryan is a full time carer for his cousin and Ms Anderson is a grand-mother and had a grand-child in Hong Kong.

Mr Casey stated: “It is seedy Judge but I would ask you to take into account their good record and their co-operation with the Gardai.”

He stated that the two have no previous convictions and co-operated fully “and maybe gave too much information”.

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