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Drugs trade ‘gilly’ caught running ‘cannabis’ delivery service during pandemic has conviction for kidnap and torture of friend

16 hrs ago

A DRUGS trade “gilly” was once convicted of taking part in the kidnapping and torture of a friend who was then killed by his father, a court heard.

Scott Knight (47), who was caught running a “cannabis” delivery service during the pandemic, had never recovered from his experience of being “coerced” by his father into his friend’s torture.

Knight had served a sentence for being an accessory, while his father had been convicted of murder, Dublin District Court was told.

The details of Knight’s criminal past emerged when he pleaded guilty to sale or supply of cannabis in the capital last week. Knight, of MacUilliam Avenue, Tallaght, had the drug dealing case adjourned, for a probation report.

The prosecuting garda told Judge Mary Cashin he stopped the accused in a black Ford Fiesta at 5.05pm on March 31. He got a smell of cannabis and told Knight he would search him under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

The accused immediately took out bags of cannabis that he had concealed in his trousers. The drugs had a street value of €650 and he did not attempt to obstruct the garda in “any way, shape or form,” the court heard.

He was “honest from the get go” and it was accepted he was not selling it to profit for himself but was operating a “supply delivery service,” the garda said.

Knight did not have “any trappings of wealth,” his solicitor Robert Purcell said.

The court heard the accused had previous convictions for sale supply, or importing drugs abroad. The offences happened in the UK, Belgium and Germany.

“You have a well-travelled client,” the judge said.

The foreign offences happened when Knight was given a small amount of money to carry drugs across a border. He was a “gilly” and “the one who gets caught,” Mr Purcell said.

In the latest offence, he was arrested on his birthday and detained overnight before immediately entering a plea.

Mr Purcell said the accused’s criminal record resulted from something that happened to him in his early adulthood which he “never really recovered from.”

Knight was brought into a life of crime by his father, he said. The father was convicted of murdering Knight’s friend and Knight himself was also initially convicted of that crime.

However this was later quashed on appeal, he pleaded guilty to being an accessory and was jailed for 15 years.

Knight had been coerced by his father into the “kidnapping and torture of his friend, who was killed by his father,” Mr Purcell said.

Knight had “never really recovered” from his coerced involvement in this and his life since had been a “sequence of drug use.

After his release from prison, his circumstances had been poor, he had a cocaine habit and was delivering small amounts of drugs during the pandemic. He did everything he could to assist the gardai when stopped.

Judge Cashin adjourned the case.

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