Lucky Garda, some parts of Cork, are getting most Dangerous, Drugs, Stabbings, and sadly Murders?

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Female garda dragged 30 metres after car speeds off during drug search in Cork

 9th April 2021

A female Garda was injured when she was dragged behind a vehicle for around 30 metres during a drug search in Cork.

The incident occurred in Baltimore in west Cork shortly after 8pm on Thursday evening.

A Garda team had a vehicle under surveillance as part of a drugs operation.

Two individuals are understood to have been in the vehicle which was being watched by a garda team as part of an investigation into a local cannabis distribution network.

A number of gardaí approached the vehicle to question the occupants and search the car.

However, the vehicle suddenly sped away from the scene – with one Garda getting caught on the passing vehicle and dragged for a distance of around 30 metres along the roadway.

The vehicle swerved and the Garda was luckily knocked free.

The female Garda suffered leg injuries and was given emergency medical treatment at the scene before being taken to Bantry General Hospital.

After being assessed and treated, she was transferred to Cork University Hospital (CUH) for further care.

Her condition is described as stable with non-life threatening leg injuries.

She is expected to be discharged over the coming days but will require ongoing medical treatment for some time.

Gardaí arrested one man at the scene and later located the suspect vehicle in Skibbereen.

A second man was arrested in Skibbereen.

A quantity of cash and suspected cannabis was recovered as part of searches related to the operation.

Both individuals are being questioned at west Cork Garda Stations.

A file on the matter will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

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