This Tragic Case needs full Closure, the Dogs on the Streets Know the Mastermind behind the Gruesome Murder?

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Fight for justice Brother-in-law of Irene White calls on DPP to bring charges against the ‘mastermind’ behind her murder

Killer and ‘middle man’ convicted but orchestrator is free

Irene White was stabbed to death in her home.
The house where Irene White was found dead.

Irene White was stabbed to death in her home.

April 11 2021 10:30 AM

The brother-in-law of Irene White has called on the DPP to bring charges against the ‘mastermind’ behind her murder.

And he has vowed to continue fighting to ensure all those involved are brought to justice as he marked the 16th anniversary of her killing this week.

The innocent mother-of-three was stabbed 34 times in a horrific knife attack carried out by hired killer Anthony Lambe at her Ice House home in Dundalk 16 years ago last Tuesday.

Irene’s sister, Anne Delcassian, tirelessly fought to see those responsible brought to justice and lived to see Lambe and Niall Power, the so-called ‘middleman’ who recruited Lambe, sentenced to life for Irene’s murder before she sadly died from terminal cancer in 2019.

Anne Delcassian, sister of murder victim Irene

Anne Delcassian, sister of murder victim Irene White.

The mastermind who ordered Irene’s murder has yet to face justice, but Anne’s husband Ken said he will not rest until all those responsible face justice.


“It’s not just a case of Anne’s died and that’s the end of it. You’d have to take the pair of us out for this to stop.

“We will not sit by and let justice willy nilly maybe get done or maybe not get done. I’m of the same mind as Anne.”

Niall Power arriving at Dundalk Court.

Niall Power arriving at Dundalk Court.

Lambe and Power have so far refused to give evidence against the person who ordered Irene’s murder, but Ken said a statement made by Lambe to gardai read out in court clearly identified the mastermind.

Before she was killed, Irene wrote in her diary that the mastermind told her he would have her killed. “You will not know the hour or minute of the day when you will be murdered and I will have the perfect alibi,” she wrote in the diary.

Separately, a woman who knew of the plan to kill Irene warned her of the plot before her death.

Ken told the Sunday World he believes around a dozen people, who he has dubbed the ’12 Apostles of Evil’, were involved in the murder or helped the killers afterwards, either through alibis or by keeping silent about what they knew.

Ken Delcassian

Ken Delcassian

“I have been brought to tears. Anne had to sacrifice her own life for several years to pursue these buggers and it’s only at the end of her time that two of them have been apprehended.

“I have to look and believe that this whole group of Apostles of Evil have not just killed Irene. They murdered Irene, her mother died six months later on what would have been Irene’s birthday in torment, to put it mildly, and Anne had to fight for the remainder of her days to try and get justice for both her mother and Irene.

“Maureen’s death came from the trauma of living for six months with finding her daughter on the kitchen floor. That was very well organised. Everybody knew Maureen came down every morning for her morning egg with Irene.

“In effect, this group have wiped out a complete family. “

Ken said he was brought to tears while watching a documentary on Tuesday about a campaign by a woman in the UK whose daughter was murdered.

“That woman never gave up and it brought me to tears because it took me to Anne’s efforts over all those years. She never gave up hope of finding the people responsible.


“She found them, but then it came down to the guards’ turn and then the prosecution and that’s lacking. It’s not just lacking against the main murder suspect but against all the people who gave alibis, and until all of those people are brought to justice there isn’t really a justice for Irene or her family.”

Ken said he believes there is enough evidence against those involved to bring them before the courts.

The house where Irene White was found dead.

The house where Irene White was found dead.

The guards in Dundalk had actually said we have more circumstantial evidence against the main murder suspect than in the Rachel O’Reilly case, but it’s not the guards who make the decision, it’s the DPP. They’re looking for 99.99 per cent assurance of a conviction.”

Ken said it is morally wrong not to bring those involved before the courts.

“This is not a crime of passion or heat of the moment. This is well thought out, methodical, alibied murder. Who’s driving the murderer, where is the murder weapon, who supported them afterwards and who has acquiesced in going after them when they know they’re the people responsible? We might not get a conviction but let the people in courts in the jury system decide if they were involved in the murder or not.

“Let the prosecution take the case which has been put – they have to push the go button.

It’s a very selective, a la carte justice at the moment just to go after the murderer and the middle man and not the guy who paid them.”

Ken said he also believes the mastermind behind Irene’s killing worked as an informant in relation to border activity, based on information Anne received as part of her investigation into Irene’s death, and this may have formed part of the motive for her killing.

“I suspect, as Anne did, that Irene had found out that the mastermind was engaged in informant activities relating to border activities and because of that she had to go.

“That pulls into question something much deeper than an informant for the gardai but for other states.”


Ken’s lawyer, Kevin Winters, wrote to gardai to ask them specifically if the mastermind had worked as a garda informant but they replied that they could neither confirm nor deny if that was the case.

Ken said soon after he and Anne arrived in Ireland from their home in the UK after Irene’s murder they were told that the mastermind ordered the killing and it was also believed Niall Power helped arrange it.

He said he saw the mastermind and Power outside the funeral home ahead of Irene’s funeral and he let them know that he and Anne knew they were behind it.

He said the two of them were standing with a woman who gave Power an alibi for the time of the killing.

“The three of them were standing outside and I watched and heard the mastermind say about me as I approached: ‘Here he is now get a look at him’.”

Ken said he approached a relative of Anthony Lambe after his conviction and asked him to urge Lambe to testify against the mastermind.

Anthony Lambe

Anthony Lambe

“I asked him to encourage Lambe to reveal all but he didn’t want to help because he didn’t want the fall-out coming back from the mastermind.”

Ken said he believes the reason Lambe and Power have so far refused to give evidence against the mastermind is they fear he will drag other people they know into it.

“It’s not that they’re getting a get-out-of-jail card but they don’t want to put people they know in the spotlight, which is exactly what the mastermind would do in the event they spill the beans.

Anthony Lambe being lead to a special sitting of
              court in Dundalk. Picture Ciara WIlkinson.

Anthony Lambe being lead to a special sitting of court in Dundalk. Picture Ciara WIlkinson.

“He would still take them down with him. That’s why they don’t want to give their statements.”

However, he said he has faith the mastermind and the others involved will be brought to justice.

“I would say to all these people you’re foolish to think you will be able to live a normal life and not face justice at some point. You will be got. At some point somebody will come along and have you arrested and you will be known and punished for your acts.”

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