Hubbard is a Real Danger to Children. Can anyone Confirm if this man is back in Custody because many people on Social Media believe, “Evil Hubbard” is on the Run in Ireland?

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Convicted Paedophile Back In Wicklow?

Published by Paul at March 10, 2021  Up Dated by Fred Bassett April 2021

Providing a list of crimes against children, The UK & Ireland Database is believed to have named and shamed over 54,000 convicted and cautioned child abusers.

As to their legitimacy and legal standing, it’s hard to say.

On Tuesday, March 9th 2021, they posted on their social media and their main site that one David Hubbard had returned from Great Yarmouth to his native County Wicklow.

According to their post, Hubbard was found guilty in 1992 on two counts; ‘unlawfully and maliciously wounding a baby with intent to cause grevious bodily harm and unlawfully sexually assaulting a baby’.

More details on The UK & Ireland Database website here.

This vile creature is wanted by guards all over Ireland please if you see him contact them immediately. He is not allowed to be around children. We need urgent help from anyone down south or Ireland. If you see this man please call the guards immediately. There is a warrant out for his arrest. He has skipped bail so please share far and near. He is a danger to young babies and children!!!!!!!

His name is David Hubbard but he could use another?

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