Nobody in this 3 Stoogie Goverment, is Talking about the Mental Health and Well Being of the Irish People, especially the people who feel Isolated and left Alone. Dont ever think FF Care? Look what Happened in the Nursing Homes, our Elderly left to Die?

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he New Normal
The “new normal” is in full swing throughout Ireland. People, young and old, have reluctantly adjusted to change. Many are impoverished, materially and in spirit.
Deaths dominate the news, with daily reports of casualty cases increasing. The Government is enforcing constantly-changing draconian regulations. For many, queuing in line outside shops for food and household provisions is commonplace. Those with dissenting opinions of official policy are fearful of internment. Media censorship is in place. Travel is restricted. A mood of anxiety throughout the country prevails; Will the crisis ever end? Has worse news yet to come?
The locale: The Emergency in Ireland during World War II.
Fast forward to Ireland 2021. The Irish government is preoccupied with forcing a “New Normal” on the population. Why would anybody agree to receive an improperly-tested coronavirus vaccine for a virus that has not been proven in a laboratory to exist. I’m convinced it’s a no brainer to refuse the jab.

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