Where is RTE? Are we beaten down by a culture of “Censorship”. Are We drowning in mis-information or propaganda? Ask FF and Martin, ….

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The Italian ambassador to Ireland has denounced the State’s mandatory hotel quarantine system as “discriminatory” in a video appealing for the measure to be repealed “as soon as possible”.

In recent days ambassadors of the European Union countries placed on the ‘red list’, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg, made a joint appeal to the Government expressing concern at the move and highlighting its impact on their communities in Ireland.

In a message to the Italian community in Ireland posted on YouTube on Thursday, ambassador Paolo Serpi has denounced the step as “selective and discriminatory”.

We believe that these measures are excessive and do serious, severe harm to our co-nationals and in particular to our communities here in Ireland, and we cannot accept this,” Mr Serpi said in the message.

He said that he has written a letter to Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly expressing hopes that the measure is “is revoked as soon as possible”.

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